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School is the first playground to start education. Everybody has some sweet memory about his school. I am not different from it. Now I share my memories through paragraph on my school. Students also face this type of paragraph in the exam hall. Try to make it clear for the students.

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My School Paragraph 150 Word

My School

Paragraph On My School: The name of my dearest school is Moniria High School. I am a student at this school, and this is the best school in the Dinajpur district. Our school has one building and one half-building. Length and width are 250 feet and 20 feet. A total of 11 rooms are present in our school. The classroom, headmasters’ room, and teachers’ room are included in it. Around 600 students and 20 teachers are attached to our school. Teachers have good teaching quality and behavior.

They make each lesson very easy for the students. The students are very polite and obey their teacher. A big field situates here to play games. Every year annual sports and other celebrations are held in this field. Our school has a good reputation for building good results and making an excellent position at the district level. I feel proud to be part of this school. I always keep the school, friends, and teachers in my prayers.

Long Paragraph On My School 240 Word

My School

Education is the backbone of any nation. Education starts from school, and the students learn so much from school. To build a good man must have some duties from the school. Bidyaniketan is my school, located in Uttara, Dhaka. I learn much from my lovely school. Besides the subjective education system, there are also some co-curriculum activities. Dance, debating, sports, art, music, etc. are extra-curricular systems present in my school. I complete my education class 6 to S.S.C. from this school.

My school is quite far from my home living place. Every day I go there by rickshaw or sometimes on foot. The relationship between teachers and students is amicable. I also have many good school friends. My school is so beautiful with its delightful garden, flowers, and decoration. Besides the classroom and teachers’ room, there also presents a well-furnished library room. From subjective to the story, novels each type of book is present there. To keep harmony with digitalization also has a computer room for the students.

Our school teachers are so caring for their students. They give teaching with patience. So that each student can catch the lesson, they always try to make us real human beings. I love my school and my teachers. I give respect and greetings to my honorable teachers. Every day I get to learn from school. That’s why I miss my loveliest school on holidays. As a part of my school, I feel proud to share my school memory with others.

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