Essay On Poverty In English For All Class

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There are some fixed basic needs of a human being like food, shelter, clothing, health, and education. It is the duty of the state to ensure all those basic needs to each and every citizen. Poverty denotes the situation when a family fails to meet up all these basic needs. Students are asked to write Essay on poverty most often. Here is a long and short essay on poverty for the students of different classes.

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Short Essay On Poverty 150 Word



Poverty is a manmade social problem that destroys the life of many people. It caused many social problems like child labor, malnutrition, domestic violence, and so on. It could Sutter the continuous progress of a developing country.

Miserable life in poverty:

The people of a poor family never meet up all their basic rights at a time. All the family members including children have to work hard to earn. The children grow up in unhygienic slam without having a proper education. As a result, they start to follow the unethical way of earning money and commit a crime like stealing, robbery.


They could hardly earn enough livelihood for the family. Solvent citizens or rich people should help the poor to come out from their hand-to-mouth condition. Government should arrange a certain ration for the poor family and stipend for a poor student to improve their condition.

Essay On Poverty In English 300 Word



Poverty is a curse that makes a man frustrated and lifeless. Due to lack of money, poor people can’t eat good food and can’t manage to ensure institutional knowledge. Moreover, they live in an unhygienic place and can’t take proper care of their health.

Bad effect of poverty:

It leads a developing country towards unemployment, malnutrition, and many other manmade problems. As the poor suffer from the necessary nutrition, they need for their health they don’t have much energy to manage a job. That’s why they start to involve theft, murder, robbery. the children who fight with poverty from childhood don’t get an enjoyable childhood, rather they are thrown toward child labor.

Cause of poverty:

Overpopulation can be marked as a prominent cause of poverty. Because of excessive population government faces difficulties to ensure constitutional basic needs to all. The continuous problems of civil war are also another reason for extreme poverty in a country. In an unrest country people grow up fighting poverty and the population turns into a burden rather than an asset. The external force like natural disasters, man mand problems like lack of employment, the lack of infrastructure, and political instability are also caused poverty in a country.

Way of measuring poverty:

According to the United Nations, two measures of poverty are determined; Absolute & relative poverty based on developing and developed countries. though people of relative poverty people can manage a minimum living hood to meet up their needs, absolute poverty denotes the people of those countries in which people live below the margin line of poverty.

How to remove poverty:

To remove poverty efficiency and skill should be developed rapidly.  Government should open more sources for technical learning institutions for the poor. Again, if the seeds and farming equipment become cheap poor farmers can earn money by cultivation.


We should contribute as much as we can to remove the evil shades of poverty from our country. We can donate extra food and clothes to the poor. Thus, the small steps will bring a big change in the country.