Essay On Life In English For Students

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Life is the most mysterious and beautiful gift of God. It denotes the existence of a living being in this world. Leading one’s own life with independence and ethics is very precious. Students are asked to write about life in their examination paper. Here is some long and short essay on life. Let’s learn more about life.

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Short Essay on Life 200 Word


Introduction: Life is a blessing that creates the difference between the living being and inanimate objects. It gives us the golden opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this earth. We are sent here to fulfill some of our responsibility. Fulfilling all those duties is the main goal of life.

The goal of life: According to many writers, life is a stage where we all are performing our roles. So, we should fix a goal or aim in life. A life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. We have to understand the value of our life. To survive life cheerfully and independently. There are many things to learn and archive from this life.

Importance of life: One can enjoy life in one’s way. Life is a combination of various moments. happiness and sadness come round in our life. We have to face many obstacles in our way of life. Solving those problems and stepping forward is the lesson of life.  

Conclusion: Our life is beautiful and worthy of adventure in every step. But it is too short to seize all dreams. It’s hope which gives us the driving force of living. We have to build our character ethical utilize our time properly.  

Long Essay On Life 300 Word In English


Introduction: Life is a journey that starts with our birth. It is very short to waste and we should enjoy it fully. In this short life, we meet many people. Some of them are erased with the flow of time and some stay till death. the regular incidents, special moments, happiness and sadness, achievements and failures. We have to keep moving on and cope up with everything whatever the situation going on.

Meaning of life: Life is a place of adventure and you have to participate in it. You have to be pessimistic to enjoy a real meaningful life. We live in a family and we like to stay with them. The human being is a social person and we can’t live alone. Again, we have to choose a hobby, a passion, and an aim to carry on. If you can adjust to all your routine work you will be happy.

How to lead a successful life: Human life is full of struggle. It’s said that life is not a bed of roses. In a short period, we have to deal with varieties of incidents. Sometimes we have to go through a continuous trial in every step. To obtain success we need to keep patience and study passionately. 

Building the virtue in life: As life is short, we have to practice good virtue in life. A person with strong and bold characteristics is respected by all. So, we should cultivate the ideal virtues like kindness, humanity, honesty, punctuality, and truthfulness. To develop inner peace of mind meditation will help you. 

Conclusion: Life is unpredictable and it never follows our plan. So we need to learn from everything. A person should not become depressed after failure and mistakes rather he can use the lesson of failure to proceed further towards success.

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