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Online classes open the vast window of teaching and learning during the time of the worldwide pandemic. Students are asked to write Essays in online classes in the examination. Here are some Essay on online classes for the pupils of different classes.

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Short Essay On Online Classes 150 Word

Online Classes

Introduction: Online classes are the upgraded version of the education system. In times of pandemic, it opens a vast opportunity for the teacher and students. As teacher needs to conduct class from home and students are bound to stay at home for pandemic online classes appears as the only trustworthy way.

The system of online classes: The system of online classes provides the opportunity of building a virtual community all over the world. The only requirement of an online class is a smartphone or a computer with a strong internet connection.

Disadvantages of online education: Though online classes have a bounty of advantages, it also has some disadvantages. It creates distance between students and their textbooks. Moreover, students become addicted to mobile phones and internet facilities.

Conclusion: Online classes remove the barrier of time, distance, and culture. Above all, it is the most convenient way of teaching and learning in a time of any natural calamities.

Essay On Online Classes In English 300 Word

Online Classes

Introduction: When all the ways of going outside from home get stopped online classes pave the way for learning. It arrives with vast opportunities and benefits. With the demand of time nowadays it creates an open platform of accruing knowledge from everywhere in the world.

How to operate an online class: The requirements of online classes are very simple. Anyone can attend an online course or project from anywhere. To attend an online class, you need to have a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection. Moreover, these devices are very easy to manage and operate.

Advantages of online classes: There are a lot of advantages of online education. It reduces the wastage of time and money. Many students can record their classes if any emergency arises. It introduces a student to the beneficial use of the internet. They can read many references book besides the textbook which enhance the area of their learning. Additionally, online classes dissolve the barrier of culture and distance as well.

Disadvantages of online classes: Though Poor internet connection may create disturbance in online classes. Devices like a smartphone or a computer are expensive enough for Many students. So, it becomes tough for poor students to attend online classes from the rural area of a country. On the other hand, many students abuse access to the internet and distract from learning.

Conclusion: The online method of education is the latest system. Though it has many positive outcomes it also requires some modifications. The authenticity of the assessment must be enforced strictly. The use of the internet also should be kept in observation so that the students can’t misuse it. When all these issues resolve systematically online education and classes become the more trustworthy method of teaching and learning.

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