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The great poet William Wordsworth writes The child is the father of Nation. Childhood is the most precious time in the life of a human being. But child labor destroys the life of a creative child. Here we present some paragraph on child labour that the student may need to answer during the exam. 

Short Paragraph On Child Labour In 100 Words

Child Labour

Child labor denotes the work of a child that is not suitable for a child. It creates a block in their education. Moreover, child labor is caused physical, mental, and moral harm to the children. It is an immoral practice that snatched the childhood and the immense potential of a child. The child has to suffer from extreme violence and adverse condition. The life of child labor becomes a nightmare for them. Child laborers most of the time becomes the victim of sexual abuse. Sometimes they are trained to bag in the street or forced to work for inhuman hours. It should be a national concern to stop child labor and bring the abused child from the harsh world.

Paragraph On Child Labour In 150 Words

Child Labour

Child Labour is considered a blot on the Nation as it destroys the future generation of an era. It refers to the illegal and unethical employment of children for menial work. It makes a child physically and mentally so weak that the child would develop a vulnerable life. They are deprived of education and lead an underprivileged life without healthy food, nutrition, and other essential life facilities. Extreme poverty and ethical deterioration are responsible for the expansion of child labor.

Sometimes they are forced to do work to supplement the family income under severe family pressure. Many mischievous people use those innocent children to bag, hijack and commit many crimes. The children are unwillingly bound to commit those crimes to get some food or rescue themselves from torture. Without proper nourishment, the laboring child loses their potential and curiosity day by day. By ensuring the fundamental rights of the children, a nation can prosper in the future.

Write a Paragraph On Child Labour in 250 words

Child Labour

Child labor is a curse to a nation that should be abolished by law enforcement. The children compromised their fundamentals to serve their master and spent the most beautiful period of their life in inhumane labor. The children of low-income families or orphans become victims of child labor. They are left to be exploited by the ill act of their master. 

A labor child may have to do different work like begging, breaking bricks, and cleaning waste. The criminals use the children to smuggle and supply drugs to their agents. Though the children are forced to work a massive shift all the time, they are paid a minimal wage and left to sleep hungry every night. 

Child laborers have to suffer from tremendous brutality, and they experienced the ultimate severity of harsh life. There are no gifts, festivals, celebrations, or happiness in their life. Malnutrition and an unhygienic lifestyle decline their lifespan. The children have grown up with an unsound, traumatized mind that leads them to be a criminal in the long run. Child labor is the result of an offshoot of the vicious cycle of poverty and unrest in society. 

By alleviating poverty, we can reduce the expansion of child labor. Many countries have banned child labor in their constitution. The government should increase public awareness to rehabilitate working children and make them back to school. All child laborers need to be brought to the forefront of their lives to eliminate the future’s probable danger to the country.

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