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Human beings are different from each other by born. The difference sometimes creates gender discrimination. The geographical, cultural, and social situation plays an important role to establish gender equality and removing gender discrimination from society. Most of the time students ask to write an essay on gender equality. Let’s learn more about gender equality.

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Essay On Gender Equality In 300 Words

Gender Equality

Introduction: Implementation of gender equality is the burning question nowadays. Gender equality refers to ensuring equal constitutional rights for men and women in social, political, economic, education, and health aspects. When all individuals get the same privileges and opportunities without comparing physical strength, appearance, or gender. It is the 21st century where all person contributes equally to the development of the world. 

Prejudice about women: It is the common tendency of society that women are made lag behind in basic rights of life like education, health, and shelter let alone decision making or having financial independence. They are treated only as caregivers or homemakers who spent their whole life working inside the house. most of the time the fact is ignored that gender disparity creates obstacles to the social and economic growth of a nation. 

Importance of gender equality: Gender equality is important in every sphere of development. A nation can’t touch the apex of development until they ensure the human right of women. Female participation in the workforce accelerates the dimension of the task. They ensure the touch of efficiency at home and abroad whether it is the role of leadership or a team member. To bring the blessings of well-being enforcement of gender equality is a must. 

Way of establishing gender equality: It is a long-practiced tradition of neglecting females at different steps of the way. to break it we need to be more careful about their needs and urges. We have to nourish some practices like freely talking to the girls, protesting against child marriage and sexual harassment, encouraging mothers’ work, raising voices against domestic violence, and overall empowering women.

Measure scale of Gender Equality: Nowadays Gender equality is a very crucial topic and almost every country gives special attention to it. there is some agency that is used to measure gender equality. These are: 

  • Gender-Related Development Index (GDI)
  • Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM)
  • Gender Equity Index (GEI)
  • Global Gender Gap Index

Conclusion: A girl can turn into an asset to a family as well as a country with proper nourishment and care. The motto of gender equality is females also deserve the equal support of their surroundings so that they can build themselves as the future light bearer of the world.