Paragraph On Social value In English

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Social values play an important role in our lives. We need to know and inform others about this. For this reason, we should make our children aware of social values. Children have to write a paragraph about social values in school in English. So today we have given below a paragraph on social value for school students.

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Paragraph On Social value 200 Words

Social Value

People of that time were always afraid of committing any crime. But it is painful that the state and practice of social values are decreasing day by day. Crime has become fashionable these days. Criminals are now the leaders of society. As a result, the innocent people of society are affected. Today the main reason for the decline of social values is our pragmatic approach.

 People are only running after wealth, money, and fame. So good qualities are not present in this era. It is seriously hurting our society. The number of crimes has increased due to social degradation. A lack of politeness and respect for others is not enough. But it cannot be allowed to continue. This situation must change in any way. Self-awareness is the first prevention because we have to change ourselves first.

Adherence to religion is also an important issue. Criminals have to be collectively prevented. We need to properly introduce our youth to religion. We have to care for and protect our culture. we have our own social values. If we do not give importance to this social value, we will lose it. We hope our youth will overcome all odds. Our youth society will make our face bright by putting aside other cultures and promoting our own culture in the world.

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