Paragraph On My Favorite Teacher For All Students

An ideal teacher is an asset to any nation. We treat our teachers as our guardians. All students are not like all teachers. Now try to write a paragraph on my favorite teacher. I also say about some identical characters. So, all the students can express their ideas about their favorite teacher in the examination.

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Paragraph On My Favorite Teacher 150 words

My Favorite Teacher

Teachers are nation builders. The students meet many teachers in their whole educational life. Of many honorable teachers, I like most Mr. Usuf sir. He is my favorite teacher. He teaches us mathematics. He makes every class with much care. His teaching behavior is desirable and unique. He uses some easy clues to make to remove the mathematics anxiety. He always gives strength to build up strong basic knowledge. As a human being, he is a very kind and pious man. He starts every day with his prayer. He is very punctual and never makes late in the classroom.  

He looks like a guardian. We always get help from him in every situation. He tells us to be honest. He forgives the tuition fees from needy students. He acts equally with all the students. And never get afraid to say the truth always. I can’t forget him in my life. He is my idle. And I want to maintain my life like him.

Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher 260 words

My Favorite Teacher

A teacher is defined as when a person who gives his thoughts and knowledge to the students. Then he is called a teacher. The teachers are working as the same backbone of any nation. Teaching is the topmost honorable profession than others. From child to old all give respect to the teacher. Among many teachers in my life, Mrs. Shelli mam is my favorite teacher of mine. She is an awesome lady. She always gives her a bold and bright concept in the classroom.

She gives a lesson on Zoology subject in my college. Every experience she presents as a story. Every critical picture she presents uniquely.  Such as human body topics give explicit knowledge to the point. So, students can take it quickly. After completing her lesson, she gives some time to make a question on the topics. Her hand note was super and knowledgeable. She is always present in time to take a class. She behaves like a friend to the students. And the students can share their thoughts with her.

She got the highest number in her all educational exams. Mam always says that take as your capacity does not take as overload. She was not like another mam. She was exceptional and honest. She never bows her head before any corruption. She always gives good advice to the students. She is the best mam have I ever seen. Her memories are still present in my mind. And I never forget her. I always try to follow her every piece of advice word by word. From my deep soul, I respect her.

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