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Football is one of the oldest games that is enjoyed with great excitement all over the world. This energetic game is played with two teams of 22 players. There is a lot to learn about this popular game. Students of different classes are asked to write about football. Here is some long and short paragraph on football.

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Short Paragraph On Football 150 Word


Football is the most famous and enthusiastic game that is played and enjoyed wholeheartedly all over the world. Apart from the Chinese controversy about the invention of football, the game is invented in England in the mid-19th century. It is a time-bound game of 90 minutes. Both the parties aim to reach the ball into the goalpost where a goalkeeper attentively stays to prevent the ball to reach the goalpost.

Many international football organizations arrange big events for football. FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) and SAFF (South Asian Football Federation) Championship are the most prominent among them. The excitement of this game is revealed by its huge fans in almost every country. It is also known as soccer in many countries. In the world cup football tournament, the team of different countries takes part. It is the long-awaited game for which the fans eagerly waiting. 

Football Paragraph 250 Word For Students


Football is a game of energy and a fascinating game of the world. There are some fixed rules and regulations of this game. The game is named football because the player has to kick the ball through its feet. It is played in a large stadium where thousands of fans gathered to enjoy the match. They cheer their favorite team and the name of their favorite player on the gallery. It makes the players motivated in the court of the football.  

The reason for its huge popularity among the young generation is the game is a short time-bound game. A match is played for 1 hour 45 minutes including a break of 15 minutes. The players have to wear football boots and shin pads while they get ready to play. The field is covered by a layer of artificial grass. Except for the goalkeeper no players are allowed to touch the football with their hand. The football is made of rubber bladders. The design and craft of the very first vulcanized rubber football is created by Charles Goodyear in 1855.

 Football is a team game where two teams compete with each other. Each team contains11 players including a goalkeeper. Each team player target to reach the ball to the goalpost and the goalkeeper resists the ball in the entrance of the goalpost. In 1872 The first international association football match was played between Scotland and England. The name of the stadium was Scotland Cricket Club’s ground that is situated in Hamilton Crescent in Patrick Scotland.

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