Essay On Childhood Memories For Students In 200,300 Words

Essay on childhood memories

Childhood memories are the best moments that make us joyous. Those memories are mainly oriented with our nearest people: mother, father, grandparents, siblings, and friends. The memories of childhood always connect us with the root. The students were sometimes asked to write about their childhood memories. So here are some Essay on Childhood Memories for the student.

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Shorts Essay On Childhood Memories 200 Words

Childhood Memories


Childhood is a period of immense joy and happiness for all. Sweet childhood memories are always priceless to human beings. Those memories become the most precious asset in the future as they refined our behavior, characteristics, and aim in life. Those memories can make you cry and laugh when you recollect them. 

My childhood memories:

As I have spent most of my childhood in a village, I have many thrilling memories. There was a river where I used to go fishing and to swim with my friends. I went to the market with my grandfather every day. In the afternoon I used to gardening with my grandmother. My father clicked many pictures of my childhood, which remind me of everything clearly.

My first school days:

The memories of my first school days are very prodigious. On a winter morning, my mother prepared me well, and My father took me to the nearest primary school and admitted me in class one. Here I made many new friends with whom I played football, cricket. We shared a lunch box and returned home together.


The sweet memories of childhood relieve us from the anxiety and hardship of the present day. Those glorious memories give us company when we feel low. The childhood memories remain evergreen in our minds.

Long Essay On Childhood Memories 300 Words

Childhood Memories


Memories are the special recollections of the mind that helps us to visualize the past of our life. The sweetest memories of a human life that are preserved cordially in the mind are childhood memories. The most precious and irreplaceable childhood memories always make us cheerful to recall those. 

Impact of Childhood Memories: 

childhood memories are very adorable and precious for all human beings. We can learn from mistakes and remind ethics and personalities from those dear memories. In childhood, we follow an idol who had a great impact on fixing the aim in life. From the learnings of childhood, we dream of building our future.

My Childhood Memories:

My childhood memories are so adorable that I can remember them again and again. I have brought up in a small village where I had lots of friends. I spent the most colorful days of my life, which are still fresh in my mind. I used to do all my childhood adventures, playing, swimming, fishing with a hook, cycling, and kiting with them. In childhood, I was always fond of a village fair, Nagordola, and picnics.

Memories of my first school days:

The memories of the first day at school are crystal clear to me. I was six, and my grandfather gets me admitted to the village primary school. My childhood teachers teach me to build my personality. I used to gossip, play and return home with my friends after school and wait for the holiday. When getting back home, we Wet in the rain, made paper boats, and float the boat on the water with my friends.

Horrible Experience of Childhood:

Though childhood is a joyful time where everybody remains stress-free and happy, some horrible memories are also there. I had fallen from the tree and was injured heavily in my lag. I could never forget this shocking memory of my childhood.


We remain very genuine and innocent in our childhood days. The memories of childhood turn into the best friend to relieve us in the future when we get exhausted.