Long And Short Paragraph On Animals

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The ecosystem and natural beauty of the earth are properly balanced through the contribution of the animal. Animals flourish the biodiversity and create a world of amusement. There is some long and short paragraph on animals that students are often asked to answer in their examination. Let’s dive deeper.

Short Paragraph On Animals – 100 Words For Kids And Children


The animals are the most beautiful creature in the world. They acquired a huge portion of the flora and fauna of the ecology. We are surrounded by amazing creatures. Their nature and lifestyle differ from area to area. Many people keep animals as a pet. Most of the domestic animals live on grass like cows and goats. On the other hand, some ferocious animals like the tiger, lion, and hyena pray to the little animal of the forest and eat them. But people hunt an animal for meat and it endangers the recreation of those animals. Government should take the necessary step to stop the extinction of animals.

Paragraph On Animals – 150 Words For Class Five, Six,Seven


Animals create biodiversity in nature. There are varieties of animals in the world. Some are very gentle and some animals are very ferocious. According to their nature, the entire species of animals are divided into five groups. These are amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds, fishes, and insects. Some animals live in water and some live inland.  The blue wheel is the largest animal in the world.

Though it lives in water the offspring of wheal comes from their womb. Feather, animals with wings like birds usually lay eggs. The skin and bones of some animals are used to make cloth, shows, etc. . Some innocent animals like elephants and donkeys are used for transportation in factories. Moreover, men kill animals illegally to collect their skin, teeth, and bones. As a result, the animals are going to be abolished gradually. We all should take care of animals, and the government should take the essential step to protect wild animals.

Long Paragraph On Animals – 260 Words For Class 8,9,10,11,12


To enhance the beauty of flora and fauna animal plays a vital role. There are different types of animals in the world. The tiger, lion, and hyena are carnivorous animals. Domestic animals like donkeys, cows, buffalo, and goats live on grass. People keep some birds and animals as their pets like cats, parrots, and puppies because of their adorable and mild nature.

The shape color, gesture, and varieties of nature amused us all the time. We see many animals in the zoo. Among all the animals the monkey is the most interesting. Zebra has black and white steps in its body, and the giraffe has a long head. The elephant is the biggest among the living animals in the forest. They live in a large group in the forest but sometimes enter into the locality in search of food. Again, snacks are treated as the most dangerous animal. They contain venom in their teeth which can kill people within a few seconds. But they don’t do any harm if anybody disturbs them.

 In past, animal husbandry was a profession, and people use innocent animals in their factories for transportation. Moreover, people killed the animal and collect flash, meat, skin bone, and other things. Deforestation is another reason for the gradual extinction of animals. It also destroys natural diversity.  Animals are helpful to us because there are many medicines and vaccines which are made from an animal. So, we should not destroy the wild environment of animal. Government should become strict again illegal animal trafficking and killing.