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You may know about the term earthquake. It is very familiar as a paragraph or an essay to the students, especially for 5,6,7,8,9,10, and also for higher secondary students. We present here an essay on earthquake. Think that it will help you to attend any competition in school or college.

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Essay On Earthquake In English 330 Words


When the earth’s surface is moving like shaking is called an earthquake. It occurs suddenly and naturally. An earthquake is a dangerous natural disaster and causes serious damage. Start with more or fewer tremors from any point like crust or much pressure of gasses in subterranean. We feel it like a wave and its vibrations spread out at a long distance.

For measuring earthquakes use the Richter scale, modified Mercalli scale, and moment magnitude scale. Now we make an alert before happening earthquake for the advancement of technology. Some causes are responsible for occurring earthquakes. Such as-

  • Tectonic movements create from plate tectonics. Collide or ride over tectonic plates among themselves and energy released from here causes earthquakes or volcanoes.
  • Crust appears on the earth’s surface due to geological faults. Normal fault, strike-slip fault, and reverse fault are the three categories of faults responsible for forming the short or strong crust.
  • An earthquake is happening during an earthquake cluster formation time. Earthquake cluster formation is a regular pattern and causes a small earthquake.

Earthquake creates dangerous hazards Tsunami. An earthquake makes a wave chain in seawater and forms Tsunami. From the coastal area to the city area it swipes away and creates dangerous damage. Some precautions we may take to save ourselves during its happening.

  • Stay calm inside or outside the room but not near a window or pillar or power lines.
  • Stay under heavy furniture. Try to stand on the opposite side of the wall.
  • Avoid matches or another type of flam to keep safe from gas line damage.
  • Avoid elevators or you may be stuck in them.
  • Stop running a car and keep inside the car.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can destroy life within in few seconds. We should keep in mind these precautions to save our life. And this essay on earthquake may provide you with enough information to satisfy your desire.

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