Paragraph On Technology For Students And Children

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Technology is the blessings of science. It plays the most vital role in our everyday life. From morning till night we have to depend on it. Here we are presenting a paragraph on technology that pupils may have to answer during the exam. Let’s dive deeper.

Short Paragraph On Technology 50 Words For Children


Technology is the most remarkable innovation in science. Scientists have defined technology as the implementation of science to improve human life. Nowadays, we are surrounded by the betterment of technology. Telephones, computers, iPods, toasters, refrigerators, microwaves are all the blessings of technology. These devices reduce the distance and problems of daily life and make life easier.

Paragraph About Technology – 100 Words For Class Five


Technology denotes the implementation of advanced science in everyday life. From the very morning to late at night, we depend on technology, and we cannot imagine a single day without it. Technology is created to serve people in every sphere of life. For instance, we can keep food cool and fresh through our fridge and talk from a distance over the mobile phone. Moreover, the medical instruments used to detect disease and grow more food in agriculture are also the marvelous outcomes of technology. We always modify and use technology according to our requirements that betterment to modern-day.

Paragraph On Technology 150 Words For Class 6,7,8


The term technology covers a vast area of the invention of science and scientific knowledge. Sometimes it is considered that technology is the outcome of a higher understanding of engineering. The technology we are blessed with is not the product of one day’s pursuit. Millions of years before, it has emerged through the immense effort of the human being. It is not the fruit of one day. 

Without the contribution of technology, science can’t win over space, and the moon and mars have never been discovered so closely. We can deny the gift of technology in our regular life as it drastically reduces human labour. 

As an integral part of the modern-day, technology made us explore a new era of science. Gradually we started to rely on machinery and equipment to decorate our life. We are getting advanced with time by using the internet besides updating ourselves with vehicles, computers, laptops, mobile phones. Thus, the benediction of technology surrounded us incessantly.

Paragraph On Technology 250 Words For Class 9,10,11,12


Technology reconstructs its definition as an integral part of our daily lives. It is the unique invention of science that helps to proceed towards a new era full of expectations. The world becomes impossible without the benefits of technology. The advancement of science and technology determines the progress of a nation. 

The wheel of the 21st century revolves around it. The proper use of technology can bring the world close to your hand. Nowadays, it is not an impossible dream to travel thousands of miles within a few hours. It makes us explore beyond our imagination and open the ocean of knowledge to fluxing on.

In a word, technology is the running force of modern civilization. We have to rely upon it for everything in everyday life. It reduces the distance of areas, immense labour of manual job, and save our time to make us more productive. Moreover, artificial intelligence is the new dimension of modern technology that can help us in decision-making.

Though there are immense advantages of technology, misuse of it can destroy the whole civilization. The tragedy of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Chernobyl disasters reminds us of the destruction of technology.

Above all, technology can be used as a reliable friend by using it progressively. It is a power that can be used both positively and negatively both ways. To benefit from technology and bring betterment to the nation, we should learn its proper operating system. Thus technology turns into an asset to the new generation.