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The famous proverb health is Wealth indicates that health is the most precious gift to human beings. It is impossible to achieve success and calm without health. Paragraph On Health is Wealth contains an intense explanation about the value of health for earning wealth. Health has more value than wealth. Success, money, peace, enjoyment depends on health. Only healthy people have hope, and they make an effort to complete their dream. They can work to earn wealth. 

Short Paragraph on Health is Wealth 100 Word For Class 2,3,4

Health is Wealth

A healthy body is the greatest gift. An unhealthy person is a burden for family and society. If we are healthy, we will feel good and positive. Students who have sound health can continue their studies correctly and succeed in life. Healthy people can attain honor and wealth. A Balanced diet and nutrition are essential for good health. To remain healthy, We should avoid junk food. We also take physical exercise and a proper diet. Everybody should use proper food habits from the early stage of life to be healthy.

Paragraph On Health Is Wealth 150 Words For Class 5,6,7,8

Health Is Wealth

Health means the state of our bodies free from illness or injury. A healthy person is also mentally fit for thinking about anything. Health is wealth means good health is a gem of human happiness, brilliant results, prosperity and wealth, even economic progress. Only healthy people possess the energy to work and earn money.

Student life is the most crucial time to be ready for future life and set up the aim in life. If we are healthy, we will think about our goals. We must maintain diet rules and hygienic rules to keep the soundness of the body and mind.

The people who live in poverty fail to take a balanced diet and decent nutrition. But some wealthy and educated people are not conscious of health rules. As a result, most of our population suffers from various health complexities like frustration, hopelessness, etc. Health is an unquestionable realm to lead a better life and achieve our goals. So we must maintain the rules of health.

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Paragraph On Health is Wealth 250 Words For Class 8,9,10,11,12

Health is Wealth

The proverb’ health is wealth’ has a dense meaning indicating the soundness of physical and mental health. Health is the combination of some equally essential components. Without one of the components, a person cannot remain as healthy. We should be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to enjoy life. Health is the center of our life.

We can prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses by living a healthy lifestyle. Many people run after wealth, luxury, change lifestyles. They earn wealth but suffer from health-related hazards. Health is the most valuable asset in our lives, as every part of our lives depends on good health. All the wealth and other possessions seem meaningless without having good health. That’s why health is not less important than wealth.

If we are healthy, we can concentrate on our work. Health plays a vital role in feeling energetic and happy. We should eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stay physically active, and sleep on time to be healthy. Pollution-free environment, sound sleep, enough rest, says prayers are essential factors for remaining healthy.

Most students like to sleep late; even adult people are not conscious about sleeping time. This habit brings harmful effects on their health. They suffer from anxiety, insomnia, frustration, and headaches. In the long run, they fail to do fruitful work for society, the country, even for family and themselves. Then they feel boring, charmless. Their lives become a burden to them. If we lose our health, money will not repurchase it. So, we must take proper care of our health to enjoy a happy and peaceful life.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is health?

Answer: Health means the soundness state of our body and mind.

2. Why is health more valuable than wealth?

Answer: Health has more value than wealth, as unhealthy people fail to earn money and spend money appropriately.

3. What are essential things for health?

Answer: Balanced diet, physical exercise, sound sleep, meditation, physical activeness are essential for health.