Write A Rainy Day Paragraph In English

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The beautiful season of rain is a blessing for an agricultural country. A rainy day is the sign of a monsoon that pacifies the thirsty weather and the long anticipation of the farmer. The students of different classes are asked to write their experience of rain in a rainy day paragraph. Here is a paragraph on a rainy day for the students.

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A Rainy Day Paragraph 250 Word For JSC, SSC, HSC

Rainy Day

A rainy day is very significant after the scorching heat of summer. It makes the weather calm and spread freshness in nature. The dust and nasty things of our surroundings get washed and the greenery is visualized everywhere.

On a rainy day, the sky is covered with dark black clouds and it hides the sun. When it drizzles the smell of wet soil blows the mind.  The flowers like Jasmine, Kamini, Plumeria, and Monsoon Cassia not only spread their sweet scent but also decorate the houses and roads with a new vibe on a rainy day.

Peoples usually want to stay at home and pass a lazy day on a rainy day. Delicacies recipes are prepared in the household to celebrate the rain. Everybody uses an umbrella to go out. Sometimes schools declare a holiday on a rainy day.

Though a rainy day is enjoyable to some people it makes the poor upset. The rickshaw puller and van driver can’t go outside to earn their livelihood. Sometimes a day-long rain caused a flood that float the house and cattle of the village people. On the other hand on a rainy day, various poisonous reptilian comes out from their hiding place.

With refreshment, a rainy day brings a smile to the face of the farmer. Many agriculturally based countries depend on water rain for cultivation. Some plants and animals are struggling for a drop of water which gets new hope with rain. The dry rivers and canals got a new life with water. Above all, a rainy day is a day of fun and enjoyment.