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Winter season gives us plenty of free time to get pleasure with our friends and family. We also get to take pleasure in long walks for fresh air before sunrise. In this winter season, some types of birds travel to other areas when winter is coming, and they return in the summer. Today we bring a Short Paragraph on winter season for all students.

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Short Paragraph On Winter Season 250 Word

Winter Season

The winter season appears after the autumn season. It is very coldest than in other seasons. People wear warm clothes to keep themselves warm. Some animals stay inactive and wait for the arrival of the summer season. In this season, the sun rises slightly late and sunset in a short time. That is why days are shorter than nights during the winter season.

The winter sunshine is very enjoyable. The sun looks light, and the air is full of fog. People specially design sporting activities to get the benefit of the weather. These activities contain ice racing, skating, ice hockey, skiing, creating ice sculptures, and boating. Children particularly take pleasure in snow fights and everyone tries to build their own perfect snowman.

Winter is the season of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Tasty vegetables like turnips, cauliflowers, beans, tomatoes, and cabbages are available in the market this season. At this time, beautiful flowers such as sunflowers, marigolds, and different types of flowers are visible. Winter is a painful season for the poor person who has no ability to purchase warm clothes.

Winter is also the season of festivals and enjoyment. People take pleasure in morning strolls. During this season, various cultural events and festivals take place, such as Eid, Christmas, and the Diwali Festival. These celebrations carry the holiday spirit to people. In this season People go on long tours, picnics Sports, etc. Winter is pleasant, but it is very short-lived. Some poor health patients, old and poor people, suffer during this time.

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