Write Paragraph On My Family 100, 150, 200, 270 Words

The family is the smallest unit of society. It has different shapes and formulating concepts. A Paragraph On My Family is a very common probable paragraph for the student. Students of the school are most often asked to write a paragraph about ‘My family’. There are some paragraphs about my family which will help the pupil to answer the about ‘My family’ on the test.

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Shorts Paragraph On My Family – 100 Words For Class 1,2,3,4

My Family

A family is a small and social organization formed by the bond of affection, loving-kindness, and love. We all live in a family. I have five members in my family. My family consists of a mother, father, brother, and sister. My father is an engineer, and my mother is a housewife. She takes good care of our family and cooks delicious food for all the members of the family. I have a younger brother and an older sister. My parents are very friendly. On holidays we spend time doing different stories, and sports. To me, my family is the most beautiful. I love my family very much.

A Paragraphs On My Family – 150 Words For Class 5, 6,7

My Family

Humans are social creatures. So, people do not live alone but live-in families. I have a beautiful family. My family consists of seven members including parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents. My father is a doctor, and my mother is a teacher. My mother cooks food before going to her school and takes care of everyone in my family. On the other hand, my father looks after all the family responsibilities, and he loves us very much. I have a younger brother and an older sister.

My older sister is a very adventurous university student. My younger brother is in seventh grade. He is also a very talented student. In my spare time, my grandparents tell me different kinds of stories. My grandfather advised me to follow the right path. Everyone in my family loves me so much. I also love my family very much. I am proud to live in such a family.

My Family Paragraph – 200 Words For Class 8,9,10

My Family

Family is a social concept characterized by living together, loving, and respecting each other. A person’s most beloved and safe refuge is his family. No man can live without a family. The role of his family in the life of every human being is immense. We all live in families. I also have a beautiful family. In addition to my parents and siblings, I also have my grandparents in the family. Everyone in my family loves and respects everyone very much.

My grandfather is a retired military officer. He tells us the story of patriotism and many fights for the country. My grandmother likes to make a garden in front of the house and I used to work with her in her kitchen garden. My mother is a teacher and my father is an engineer. 

They woke up very early in the morning and works together for making breakfast. They take care of all the necessities for us and the house.  I used to go to school with my cousins and play with them after studying. Every person in my family is helpful and benevolent. They solve all sorts of problems together.  I feel very blessed to have such a warm family.

Long Paragraph On My Family – 250-300 Words For Class 11,12 And More

My Family

Family is the first address of a person. There are many types of families; such as nuclear families and joint families. I belong to a large extended family. Today it is unusual to find out such a joint family like mine. My family consists of grandparents, mother-fathers, uncles, aunts, and seven siblings. There are 15 members in my family. Every person has good bonding. My father is a government employee. He performed various responsibilities in the family. My mother is a doctor. She manages all the household chores as well as outdoor work. She is the instructor of all the household work. She even takes care of the health and proper nutrition of all family members.

I have a younger brother and an elder sister. We help each other with household chores. My grandparents love me a lot. My grandfather is a retired doctor, and my grandmother is a retired professor. They tell me interesting stories and always advise me to follow the right path. Moreover, they help me a lot in my studies. We have a garden and some pet birds. I spend my leisure period with my grandmother in our garden. My uncle is a service holder, and my aunt is a housewife. I love and respect my grandparents a lot.

I am very fond of my elder cousin who reads at a university. We conduct many scientific experiments together along with other cousins.  We celebrate all the occasions and festivals happily with all the members of the family. I am privileged to have such a beautiful and happy family. I love my family very much.