Write A Book Fair Paragraph For JSC, SSC, And HSC

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Books are the source of knowledge and enlightenment. Students are asked to write a book fair Paragraph in their regular classwork or examination paper. There are a lot of things to learn about book fairs. Let’s dive deeper.

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A Book Fair Paragraph 150 Words For Class 6,7

Book Fair

Reading books is the most effective leisure activity for Youngs and adults. A good book can be a lifetime friend of a person. But the new generation is not much interested to read books as they have many sources to gather information. The habit of reading and writing books is decreasing gradually with the development of social media and online platforms. So, the book fair is the most effective way of encouraging the practice of book reading.

 Again, students of modern days want to use online resources to learn things that they can learn from books. They read only the textbooks which are included in their curriculum. The books of fairy tales, fables, and other storybooks make them learn ethical and moral knowledge. Germany arranges the world’s largest book fair. The fair is known as The Frankfurt Book Fair. It is the biggest book fair considering the visitors and the publishing companies.

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Paragraph On Book Fair For Class 8, 9, 10, 11,12

Book Fair

Paragraph On Book Fair: Books are the most trustworthy friend of human beings. To build the character and the moral side of the human mind books play the most important role. Many people love to read books. Book fairs are arranged to influence writers and book readers.

A book fair refers to a fair where many sorts of books from different publications are exhibited. It is the meeting place of many writers, readers, and visitors. The books of different categories are shown for sale at a book fair. It is celebrated as a festival that denotes the cultural test of a nation. In Bangladesh, a bookfair is arranged and sponsored by Jatio Shahitto Kendro, and the latter is held by Bangla academy on the special occasion of 21 February and Pohela Boishakh. Both of the book fairs are famous and attract the mind of all book lovers. The world’s famous book fair is organized by Germany which is known as The Frankfurt Book Fair.

People of different ages like to choose varieties of books according to their taste. A corner of the book fair is kept reserved for the children. The stories of fairy tales, ghost stories, the fables, and the books of poems with vibrant colorful covers are kept in children’s corners. The publisher decorates the children’s corner with special care to attract the attention of children.

Books are the storehouse of knowledge .so, Bookfair has a great impact on social and cultural development. It encourages us to read more books and spread knowledge to all. Nowadays government also participate to encourage publisher in arranging book fair.