Wonders Of Modern Science Composition

wonders of modern science composition

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Wonders Of Modern Science

Wonders of modern science are the boon of our life. For the last 4-5 decades, wonders of modern science have marched towards with a terrific speed. All the inventions, discoveries, and achievements of modern science are so wonderful and comprehensive. We cannot think even a single day without science.

 Humankind has a by-born limitless hunger for knowledge, self-expansion, inventions, and discovery. Being the most intelligent and ambitious, Man always seeks more and more for knowledge. It is a science through which he can satisfy all his aspirations, reveal the mysteries of nature and surmount distance, diseases, and space.

Wonders of modern science make our life better, convenient, easy, comfortable. With its blessings, our life is full of numerous wonders, revolutions and made most of our dreams come true. Agriculture, medicine, energy, computer application, communication, transportation, entertainment, armament, and space- you name the field; science has done a fantastic revolution in all these.

Along with its wonderful contributions, science has changed our beliefs, superstitions, and overall outlook on life in a remarkable way. Today the world has turned into a big global village. With tremendously increased cooperation, interaction and interdependence, nations are now more close to each other.

 Information technology brings on a new era of the worldwide web, internet, and superhighway. Through satellite communication Fax, E-mail, roaming mobile phones, videoconferencing, etc. we are experiencing a revolution in our life. With the help of remote satellites, we can get forecasts of earthquakes, droughts, floods, and other natural calamities.

Wonders of modern science in the sector of medicine, nutrition, surgery, and hygiene are also noticeable. Compared to our ancestors, at present, we feel healthier, safe, and secure due to the updated and better achievements and discoveries over the challenges of medical science. Various fetal diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc. are whether eradicated or on the way to eradication. Transplantation of the heart, as well as other important organs, is done now with more efficiency and success.

We can notice the higher scale of the longevity of man’s life than before. On the other hand, we can notice a big difference in the rate of infant and child mortality. Moreover, the range of famines, epidemics, etc is now also improving. Wonders of modern science are doing magical things like cloning through the hybridization of genes. This ushers limitless possibilities and opportunities in this area.

One of the greatest wonders of modern science is atomic energy. It has opened up a new passage of developments, achievements, and progress as the discovery of fire did in the primitive stage of human evolution. With the help of science, man has reached the moon as well as other planets and now thinking of making his second home on Mars. Sooner or later he would also surpass the solar system.

For example, the landing and extraordinary exploratory work of the American Sojourner Rover on the frozen Martian surface of Mars is a miraculous achievement ever. Another great example of the scientific tread is the victory of the Deep Blue over the legendary Garry Kasparov.

Wonders of modern science also put contribution over the sector of entertainment including television, recorded music, video, and cinema and cable network. Now entertainment is at our doorsteps and in our pockets. The scientific achievements are also seen in the fields of genetic engineering, biotechnology, superconductivity, computer application, etc.

Modern science brings time in real when robots only existed in science fiction. Nowadays these new wonder machines are phenomenal advancements in the sector of mechanical and artificial intelligence.

Wonders of modern science have made a significant and marvelous beginning for humanity. Mankind is now boarding on a wonderful ship of modern science in the big and deep ocean of knowledge. Modern science is making us strong, brave, and confident. Science is powerful, yet we must know how we should use this power for the good of mankind, instead of destruction.

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