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Trees are the best friend for humans and the environment. To make a large area under tree planting is terms as tree plantation. Tree plantation is a common paragraph for all classes students. So, now we discuss tree plantation paragraphs to aim to help the students.

Tree Plantation Paragraph (160 words)

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is defined when trees are planted in much amount to attend forestation is called tree plantation. Trees are a very important part of our life and environment. Like water, we can’t live without trees. Trees give us much blessing. Such as we take a breath and live. On the other hand, trees give us food and shelter. Not only this, medicine, wood furniture is the natural gifted from trees. Natural trees shade and the air is free from pollution and much better than any artificial air. To keep our minds fresh and keep healthy trees play a vital role.

Without trees or cut down trees make an alarming issue for us. Deforestation, global harm, drought, climate change, soil erosion, natural hazards, etc. are the result of fewer amounts of trees. To overcome this situation it is the best time to increase awareness among the people. And take steps to plant more and more tress as soon as possible.

Paragraph On Tree Plantation (220 words)

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means to plant as much as planting a tree in a planning way is called tree plantation. It is the part and parcel of our life and also for the environment. Without the tree, we can’t imagine our life. But day by day the increasing rate of population trees is damage. More people need more food, more shelter, and more things. To meet up their demand trees are cut down. Trees play a vital role in the ecological balance. Without tress, cause natural hazards, drought, soil erosion, global warming, and many other bad things. From trees, we get a lot of things. We take oxygen which is gifted from trees. Furniture, wood, medicine, shade, air, etc. are the gifted item from trees.

To keep the earth calm and peaceful need to keep our world under forestation. A country needs at least 25% forest area of its total land area. If we are not aware of this our future generation will suffer from environmental pollution. Also may appear different type of diseases. We use our fallow area for deforestation. Such as our homestead, the two sides of roads and railways, unfertilized area, etc. Both govt. and common people should take proper steps to increase the tree plantation rate. So, plant more trees and save the world.

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