Traffic Jam Paragraph For All Students

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Traffic jam is a very prevalent issue in our daily life. Every day we lose our important time due to this traffic jam. Every year the students face this traffic jam paragraph in exams or board exams. We prepare the traffic jam paragraph for the students in a smooth formula by using easy words.

Traffic Jam (150 words)

Traffic Jam

Vehicles are staying in a long line for a long time or moving very slowly is called traffic jams. Especially in our capital city, we face the most unbearable traffic jam. Day by day, it appears as a severe issue. Roads are not increasing in proportion to the population. Excess amounts of vehicles also an essential factor for creating this traffic jam. Without a license, many cars are staying in our street. Many vehicle drivers have no complete driving certificate or training. And they don’t follow the traffic rules or may not know the traffic rules.

Traffic jam makes our life so tricky. We can’t do our work timely. Patients are suffered very ill due to the traffic jam. In this stage, we need to follow a planned guideline applied both in road constructions and vehicle maintenance.

Alternative Traffic Jam (230 words)

Traffic Jam

A traffic jam is defined as when vehicles are standing in a stop phase or move slowly for a long time is called traffic jam. People are tired of facing this same situation every day. Every moment people are feeling anxious about to reach their destination due to traffic jam. From students, patients, employees to ordinary people all are suffering from traffic jams. Unlicensed vehicles, many amounts of cars, narrow road construction, lack of driving knowledge, not maintaining traffic rules, making overtake tendency, etc., are the main reason for creating a traffic jam. We do not see this situation in a developed country because they are always traveling in a planned way. If anybody breakdown any rules, he or she must be faced with punishment.

Traffic jam is like a burden for us. It consumes our precious time, which is not exchangeable with others. We pass our time as lazy during the traffic jam condition. Students may get more education or pleasure, the scientist may get more time for research, doctors may get more chance to give patients patience, and ordinary people may get more time to realize their lives. For stopping traffic jams besides govt. We also have a responsibility. We have to maintain traffic rules while passing the roads. Widen the road, recover the destroy roads, apply new technology for traveling. And also need to use strict street laws and punishment.

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