Short Paragraph On Dog In English 150, 250 Words

Paragraph on dog picture

A dog is considered the most faithful animal in the world. You will feel lucky if you have a dog as your pet because it can be your best friend gradually. There are many things to know about a dog. The student is asked to write a Paragraph on dog in the examination. Here are some examples of Paragraphs on the dog for the students.

Paragraph On Dog 150 Words For Class 3, 4, 5, 6 Students


A dog is a loyal and trustworthy animal. Many people keep the dog as their pet animal.  It is a useful animal as it protects the owner’s house with their quick watch at night. The dog has two eyes, ears, and one tail. The sharp canine teeth of the dog give it a stunning and ferocious look. They use it as the arm of protection. Though the street dog does not have a fluffy hairy body, the pet dog is different from them.

There are different types of dogs; such as are Labrador, Bloodhound, greyhound, and German shepherd. Barking and shouting are the common nature of it.  They love to stay with the family and enjoy the company of the owner. They live on fish, meat, green vegetables, fruits, rice, and milk. Their smelling power is very acute. In large range, they help military officers in the deep investigation by their extraordinary smelling power.

Long Paragraph On Dog 250 Words For Class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Students


A dog is mostly known as a household animal that is kept as a pet. It is a faithful and friendly animal that can be ferocious and bite the miscreants to protect the owner. A dog has four tiny legs and a curved tail. It eats meat and flashes with the help of its canine teeth. It has a very strong and acute smelling capability. It can detect the smell of bombs or any criminals from 25 miles away. It is such a beautiful and intelligent creature that, it is used in the armed forces to help the military.

They are very playful and jolly. The flesh, meat, rice, bread, and fish are the common food of their meal. But they can be both herbivorous and carnivorous if you have a dog in your house, they will be the best companion of the adult and the children of your family. The female dog is known as the bitch and the young baby dog is called a puppy.

The dogs are swift learners who can learn new things easily. The trained dog can swim, jump and do exercise. Moreover, in the time of heavy-duty, it becomes a stress killer for its owner. Most people want to keep German shepherd, Rottweiler, poodle, and Labrador at home as a pet. Domestic breed dogs need proper take care to prevent their diseases and infection. Their lifespan will be 10 to 12 years, but a friendly atmosphere and regulated health maintenance can increase it.  

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