Long And Short Essay On Pollution In English

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Nowadays pollution is a burning issue to the world. Our environment is covered with impurities with lots of noise, dirty disposal, and chemicals. We should learn about the reasons for pollutions and the way of prevention. Some long and short Essay on pollution in English for the student are given below:

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Short Essay On Pollution In English 250 Words


Introduction: At present, pollution is a common issue of concern and a threat to mankind. When the elements of the environment, combined with harmful substances, it is called pollution. If this pollution continues to increase day by day, then mankind will face destruction.

Causes of Pollution: One of the causes of environmental pollution is man-made machinery and factories. The toxic black smoke emitted from the factory pollutes the air and water. When the toxin is grounded, it caused soil pollution. On the other hand, the increasing vehicles and high performed machinery create excessive sounds which cross the limit of human sound tolerance. Moreover, the environment is also polluted due to the dumping of garbage and excreta.

Outcomes of pollutions: The other name of the water is life as we can live without water. But the water is being polluted by mixing factory wastes, black oil of ships, dirty garbage is causing environmental catastrophe. When polythene and plastic items are thrown on the ground, they do not mix with the soil and freeze. Harmful gases factory fumes, vehicle fumes, foul odors make the air polluted day by day.

Dumping of excess waste and the factory wastage is constantly mixing with the water of rivers, drains, and seas and making the water unworthy to drink. As a results tree cannot grow properly. We are going to face the greenhouse effect in near future. The climate is changing very fluently, and innocent animals are dying day by day. The polar ice is melting, and the low lands are at high risk to have vanishing underwater.

Conclusion: We must keep the environment clean and free from pollution. The damage to the environment becomes a curse for mankind. So, we all need to be aware of pollution and protect nature together to reduce the upcoming danger.

Long Essay On Pollution In English 300 Words For Students


Introduction: Pollution occurs when harmful and toxic substances are increasing gradually in the environment. It mixes with all the valuable elements of the environment like water and air. Needless to say, mankind itself is largely responsible for all these pollutions. The environment is constantly being polluted due to garbage, phlegm, and spitting which has become a threat to mankind.

Different types of pollution: Our environment consists of everything which has surrounded us. We can’t live without the most valuable elements of the environment like air, soil, and water. These elements are very essential for the survival of mankind.

The human being is using these components of the environment for the very beginning of the world. Civilizations make people use varieties of other things which are not good for the natural environment. As a result, the air, soil, and water are constantly being contaminated with toxic harmful substances like plastics, pole bags, chemicals, and many other things. The four prominent types of pollutions are:

Ways to prevent pollution: The public should be aware of the prevention of environmental pollution. All sorts of pollution are very harmful to our health. A person who lives continuously in a polluted area may suffer from many diseases. Pollutions can cause diarrhea, cancer, eczema, short breath, and heart problem. To get rid of such dangerous health problems we should prevent pollution as soon as possible.

It is not possible to prevent pollutions if people are not aware. We should not throw the home wastage here and there. Mills and industries should reserve a selected place to keep the dust of productions. If the dust is mixed with water or air both are polluted. The fishes of the water would die. Nature starts to malfunction. In the long run, the air pollution global warming reached its height which is very alarming for us.

Conclusion: Fauna is under threat due to pollution in the present world. By raising public awareness we should protect our environment from pollution. Government should enforce some strict rules for maintaining nature cleanly to prevent the ongoing crisis of pollution.