Sample Essay About Yourself for College

Essay writing about yourself is not an easy task. You have to present yourself clearly and easily. In college exams, students are often facing this essay where you present yourself. A sample essay about yourself for college students is given below. Here we try to present the main things to present from you.

Table of Contents

Essay About Yourself 350 Words


Introduction: Telling about myself is to give your overall information. That’s including your address, status, future planning, hobbies, favorite item, and more other things. However, Try to represent yourself totally.

Give Your Address: My name is (write here your full name) and read in (write your reading class). I am a student of (say your college name). I am sixteen years old. I am the little sister amour our parents‘ siblings. My father is a retired govt. employee. My mother is a housewife. My grandparents are also living with us. They share their memories and experience with us. I like to sing a song. In my leisure time, I also help my mother with the kitchens works. 

My Educational Life: I am reading in eleven classes and want to be a doctor in the future. I always try to make the best result in every class. I also get a scholarship due to my best result. Because of my behavior and education, teachers like me very much. I like to spend time with my friends. And discuss our weak points and try to solve them. 

My Aim in Life: The sorrows of people give me the same pathetic feelings. Many poor people are not got proper treatment due to their poorness. That’s why I want to be a doctor. And want to help the poor people. To fulfill my dream I am working hard from now.

My Hobbies: Besides reading I like singing, traveling, gardening, and reading novels. I also like to help my mother with her works. Every year we make tour planning with our family members to get refreshments. Every day I spend some time in my garden. I grow some kinds of vegetables and flower items in my garden.

My Extra-Curricular Activities: Reading is the first activity. Besides reading I do debating, dancing, cultural programs, and scouting. I also play as an actor with my friends in our college program. 

Conclusion: I love to meet new people and make new friends. New people, new relationships give me much pleasure. I am a kind-hearted man and try to help people.