Paragraph On Pollution “Important”!

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Pollution is a serious issue nowadays. Day by day we are going to polluted earth. And it is the perfect time to build awareness to save our world. Now read the paragraph on pollution which is a very much common item for any exam. Read attentively to gain good marks.

Paragraph on Pollution 160 Word


Pollution is defined when something is being dirty and risky for the human being or any animal is called pollution. Pollution word is derived from the Latin word that means to make dirty. Pollution has different classification such as air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution, sound pollution, and many other types. But due to any type of pollution people are suffering very badly. Behind this pollution many reasons are responsible. Overpopulation and its continuous growth rate, lack of awareness, smoke from the vehicles or industries, wastage from mills or factories, excess use of fertilizers, etc.

Now need to find out to resolve the reasons to make the world healthy. To keep a good environment and gift a healthy world to our next generation we need to take action. Govt., mass media, common people should make a joint action or plan to sort out this problem. If you need to apply the law to reduce the pollution cordially invited to apply it.

Alternative Pollution Paragraph 250 Word


Pollution means to make anything dirty so that it make hamper for the human being or animal. Environmental pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, etc. are the different types of pollution. All types of pollution are the same in making effects. Due to environmental pollution, we can’t live, for soil pollution, we can’t grow any profitable crop, sound pollution make many diseases like stroke or heart attack, water pollution makes an unhealthy condition to drink the water. Pollution is a big issue. Only the use of motor vehicles makes the sound, air, soil and water pollution. Cut down trees unnecessarily make the environment, air pollution. Burning of fossil fuel, excess amount of fertilizer or pesticide use, unsanitary latrine, throw unwanted thing here and there all are the causes of making pollution. Due to pollution, many diseases are spread out epidemic. Diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, etc. are the result of water pollution. Some serious diseases like cancer also the result of pollution.

Identify the ways of reducing pollution as soon as possible and apply them. Mass media coverage make awareness among the common people. Apply new modern technology or an alternative way to reduce pollution. Avoid the reasons that are responsible for the pollution. Plant more trees and follow the other ways to make the earth without any pollution. We have to gift a pollution-free world to our new generation to save from its effect. So, let’s shake hands with each other to make pollution free earth.