Paragraph On Parents For All Class Students

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We are in this world by means of our parents. They are the light bearer and the most beautiful blessing of God. Their sacrifices and dedications in our upbringing are beyond description. There is some long and short paragraph on parents for the students of a different class. Let’s learn more about them more.

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Shorts Paragraph On Parents 150 Word


Parents are the most important part of our life. They are the ultimate shelter of a person who rescues us from all sorts of danger from our birth. They help us when we can’t speak, walk or eat ourselves. We learn to tell the first word of us from our mother. They sacrifice their whole life to make us happy. The upbringing of a child depends on its parents’ shades. They build the behavior, characteristics, and manner of children.

Our parents protect us from all calamities and family struggle to ensure a trouble-free life for us. In the period of adolescence, the parent appears as the savior to understand the need of the young fellow.  Though they contribute their life after us we can’t understand them properly. Sometimes they become tough to bring us on the right track. They love us so much that they can do everything for our welfare.

Paragraph On Parents 250 Word For Class 8,9,10,11,12


Parents are the only protector after God in this world. They are the closest person to their children. Their entire world is associated with us. Our parents can do everything for the sake of their children. We feel comfort in the lap of our mother when getting panic or feel unrest with worldly trouble. They make us speak, walk and eat from the very beginning of our life.  They work hard all day long to provide an easy lifestyle for us. It is impossible to imagine life without the direction of parents. They always try to show us the right path so that we don’t need to face any trouble.

The person who lost his parents is the most unfortunate. They have none to share the pain and pleasure.   Parents are the best teacher to their children. We learn socialization, honesty, punctuality, dedication, and many other good virtues from them. family learning starts with the parent. when necessary, they become rude and scold us if we do any mistakes intentionally. In the crucial period of adolescence, parents become more careful to take care of us so that we don’t get distracted from our goals. 

Our parents don’t demand anything from their children in their whole life. To build our future they work hard till they don’t get old. So, it is our responsibility to take care of our parents in their old stage. Nobody can deny the contribution of parents in their life. Their love and affection are heavenly blessings for us.