Paragraph On Myself In English For Students

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There are a lot of things to explore in a person which can be written in a “Paragraph on Myself”. It is a common topic in the witting section that students need to answer in the examination. It is such a topic on which students can express everything about themselves like their views, hobbies, and plan. There are some short and long paragraphs on Myself for students.

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Short Paragraph On Myself 150 Words


My name is………. I am thirteen and a student in class eight. I am the only son of my parents, and I belong to a large combined family. I like to spend time with my grandparents in my leisure as they tell me old and interesting stories. They inspired me to write poems and short stories. Though watching cartoon is my favorite, I enjoyed the discovery channel most on tv. My mother helps me to prepare my lesson at home. I like to work with her in the kitchen garden.

I like to go to school every day. They not only teach us but also motivate us to do many extra-curricular activities. I use to play with my friend after school. My hobby is collecting stamps from different countries and parenting animals. I have a pet dog and a cat. I want to be a veterinary doctor in the future.

Myself Paragraph For Class 10,11,12 In 250 Words


Paragraph On Myself: I am … … … and I am 16 years old. I am an SSC examinee this year. On regular days I spent most of my time in my reading room. My mother is a teacher and she gives me the proper guideline for my studies. I like to write stories, poetry, and short documentary in my leisure. My father sent those writing for newspaper publication.  My teachers, family members, and friends always appreciate my creative writing. 

I am the eldest son of my extended family. I love the company of my family member and especially my grandparents. My grandfather is a retired doctor and he always helps poor villagers. He is my best friend and I follow him as my idle. My aim is to be a doctor so that I can help poor and helpless people. I got inspiration from learning new things and reading the book from my grandmother. I have a pet cat and I named it Pussy.

My hobby is gardening and listening to music. I play with my friends after school and cricket is my favorite game. I always take part in the annual sports competition and I am a member of the debate competition at our school. I always try to follow the instructions of my father. He is an engineer and he instructs me to be honest and punctual. I try to fulfill my responsibilities wholeheartedly. I prepared my lesson with full dedication and my teacher encourage my effort.

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