Paragraph On My Best Friend For Kid, Children, And Students

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Human beings are the most incredible creation in the world, having the power to share feelings, emotions and support others well and woe. For this reason, we need company in our lives, and we can’t go into this age of global relationships without friendship. A friend means a person who has feelings of friendship. Paragraph On My Best Friend article helps you know about a true friend’s characteristics.

Write A Paragraph On My Best Friend 110 Word For Class 2,3,4,5

My Best Friend

I am Rahat. I read in class four. I have a best friend. His name is Jidan. We read in the same class. He is nine years old. He is a good boy. He loves and trusts me. In the afternoon, we always play together. His hobby is painting. During the holidays, he comes to my house. We draw and pass a happy moment together. When l face any problem, he tries to help me. We help each other in our studies. Sometimes we visit each other’s houses. I love him very much. My parents also like and love him. I feel proud of him. 

Paragraph On My Best Friend 150 Words For Class 6, 7, 8

My Best Friend

A best friend is a unique gem in our lives. We need friends to share our sorrow and happiness. A true friend always stands beside us through thick and thin. I have some close friends. Among them, Tanvir is my best friend. I have known him for nine long years. When I was a student at a local primary school, I met him first. Since then we have been best friends with each other. We have many happy moments together. He is kind, honest, and sincere. As a soft-hearted person, he shows sympathy for every living being. He is also accommodating to every person. He is the first boy in our class. He always tries to help everyone in the class. He comes from an educated family. All the teachers also love him. For all his qualities, l like him very much. 

Paragraph On My Best Friend 250 Words For Class 9,10,11,12

My Best Friend

The friend comes from the old English word ‘friend, ‘which means love or favor. Though friend is a small word, it has a dense meaning. A good friend is a heavenly delight to us. The name of my best friend is Dipak. After passing PECE, I took admission in class six at a new school. One day l quarreled with Dipak to take leadership on the playground, and I was cruel to him. Even I hit him seriously, but he didn’t take it otherwise. Inspired by the reverse attitude, he remained calm and quiet. It pulled me near him, and at last, he has become my best friend. He is a boy of mild nature. He doesn’t harm others. He is such a person who has the power to make a positive impact on my life.

There are many good qualities in him, such as Honesty, brightness, modesty, politeness, sincerity, orientation, mildness to reading books, etc., are the qualities available in my friend. That feeling that he shows me is undoubtedly genuine. He always stands beside me in my problems. He is a kind person not only for me but also for all people. He is a member of the college volunteer team. We spend many moments all together and do social work. Though we belong to different religions, the great feelings of friendship made us two best friends. Our family also allows us to attend our different religious festivals. We perfectly complement each other. We are the apples of each other.