Paragraph On My Aim In Life For Students

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The aim in life is truly significant if you desire to chase something in your life. We must prepare ourselves to achieve our aim. Someone with a fixed ambition does better performance in life than someone who doesn’t have an ambition. Here we present the  Paragraph on my aim in life for students.

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My Aim In Life

Am is an ambition or point to acquire in life. Everyone needs to make a target about life. The aim should be recognized and helpful in obtaining our goals and dreams. A person without an aim in life is discouraging. Student life is the most excellent moment to fix an aim in life.

Today’s students will be the ultimate citizens of the future. They will change society and make our country great. One should include a target with the intention of achieving something in life. We should be very cautious since some targets may mislead us when choosing a goal. Your ambition or aim will motivate you to study hard and work hard.

My aim in life is to be a great teacher. Teaching is an honorable and decent job. There are some motives at the back of my choice. I have come to know that the growing suffering and depression are because of the illiteracy and unawareness of the citizens of our nation. So I have determined to extend education among the citizens as much as probable within my hardworking.

There is some motive at the back of my choice. A number of saying that money is the honey of life. But I do not have the same opinion with them. Rather, I believe that goodness is the real honey of life. I want to be a highly regarded and lovable person as a teacher in the future. I do not know how long my aim will be successful. But I shall struggle my top.

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