Paragraph On Importance of Trees 100,150,250 Words

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Trees are the most useful friend of civilization. It gives shelter to many of the species. The tree makes the world comfortable to live in. It provides the most important component of the earth which is oxygen. The importance of trees is inevitable. There is some paragraph on importance of trees which the students may be asked to answer in the examination.

Paragraph On Importance Of Trees –100 Words For Class 3,4,5

Importance Of Trees

Paragraph On Importance Of Trees: Trees are the unique and necessary natural element for life on earth, which is constantly benefiting us in various ways. The existence of life on earth without trees cannot be imagined.  Oxygen is the most important element for human survival, and trees are the only natural source that receives our eliminated carbon dioxide and provides adequate oxygen. Not only oxygen but also, we get flowers, fruits, and fuelwood, which are necessary for life. Many people are cutting down trees for their own needs and clearing forests, which is a threat to mankind. So, we should plant enough trees and make everyone aware of the need for trees.

Importance Of Trees Paragraph – 150 Words For Class 6,7

Importance of trees

Trees are a very beautiful and necessary element of nature. Trees are helping mankind to survive by donating the necessary elements of life one after the other.  Trees maintain the balance of the environment by donating the oxygen we need and absorbing our excreted carbon dioxide. Also, trees help us in different ways. We get the necessary flowers, fruits, fuel-wood, and woods from trees. Various medicines can be prepared from the herbs of the tree, which are very beneficial for our health.

Moreover, if there are not enough trees, the rainfall becomes less and the result is natural disasters like drought. Trees prevent soil erosion, prevent soil erosion and increase soil fertility. Trees are constantly benefiting us in different ways. So, we should plant more trees and take care of trees. Everyone should be aware of the importance of trees and the government should take the necessary steps to preserve extinct trees and plants.

Paragraph on Importance Of Trees – 250 Words For Class 8,9,10 And More

Importance Of Trees

Trees are the most essential element of life. Human life cannot be imagined without trees. It is the only natural source of oxygen supply. The sign of life is only on the planet earth because of its oxygen which comes from trees. Trees help to keep a sound balance among all the natural resources like soil, air, and water. Again, it rescues the earth from the destructive greenhouse effect. It absorbs our eliminated carbon dioxide and provides adequate oxygen to balance the environment.

Trees protect the environment from pollution by reducing the amount of atmospheric gas. Moreover, it gives us delicious fruits, flowers, wood, leaves, and shade, which play a very beneficial role for mankind. Wood can be used to make different types of chairs, tables, and furniture, which are our daily necessities. Trees protect human life from natural disasters. In the situation of floods and river erosion, the tree holds the soil with its root and prevents soil erosion. But, nowadays a large number of trees are cut down to meet the daily needs of human beings.

Deforestation may be the cause of less rainfall which may lead to drought. For our survival Trees are the blessings given by God, which have been preventing human life doubt for ages. To keep nature clean and safe trees play the most vital role. It gives us food, shade, oxygen, and wood. We should plant lots of trees and take care of those trees. A compulsory tree planting program should be formulated.

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