Paragraph On Global Warming For Students

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Paragraph On Global Warming 160 Word

Global Warming

Global warming is a serious issue nowadays. It is a long-term process for getting its effect. When the average temperature of the earth is increasing day by day due to the changing effect of climate is called global warming. The human being is mostly responsible for this occurrence. Large emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. are the main cause of global warming. Global warming causes a serious effect on us and our environment. For removing the global warming effect many renowned specialists are worked out hard and thoroughly. Human awareness is needed first.

Because excessive use of natural elements is the main cause of this situation. For leading a healthy and happy life, it is the appropriate time for us to increase awareness. Harmful and not recovered diseases like cancer are the effect of global warming. Stop cutting down plants unnecessarily at first. It is our responsibility to gift the next generation green earth without the global warming effect

Paragraph On Global Warming Effects 260 Word

Global Warming

Global warming has numerous kinds of negative effects. Every day many people are affected due to the causes of global warming effects. Raising sea level every time and causes low area flooding. The average temperature of the earth increases day by day. So, it is difficult for animals to stay there place. They spread out everywhere. As a result, human life faces danger. Because this type of animal is harmful to humans.

They break out many dangerous diseases. Like dengue, malaria, childhood diarrhea, and pneumonia also. Cancer is another dangerous disease. And men are not recovering from this disease. For global warming, our geological, biological, and ecological environments are affected very badly. Besides the migration of animals, our drinking water also becomes dangerous for us. In many areas, people do not get safe water. Because the earth water level is decreasing day by day. And it is a great alarming for us. As a result in the future, we do not get safe water.

Global warming effects are the main headache now for us. How can we recover it? There present many specialists. The research on global warming effects. They discover many ways. A fund is formed for this. Developed countries are funded it easily. Like Bangladesh, it is very burdensome. But it is the most affected country due to the low land area. So, it is the main time for us to solve this critical stage. I need to identify another way. After all, we should serious about our world health and not compromise about it.