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Food Adulteration

Paragraph On Food Adulteration: Food is an essential thing to lie on this earth. Humankind cannot survive without food. But, food adulteration has become a serious issue today. Vegetables, fruits, oil, fish, milk products, and baby foods- all these are being adulterated every day. Food adulteration means adding substance to a food item to increase its quantity instead of quality. Generally, the adulterant addition is done intentionally.

The major cause behind food adulteration is the ultimate greed of dishonest and immoral businessmen. They prefer their business profit to human life. Surveys show that maximum foods are dangerously adulterated. For example, the owners of food and beverage industries apply deadly chemicals that contain poisonous substances. These contaminated foods contain destructive substances such as Aldrin, DDT, Chlordane, Formalin, etc. which are very damaging to our health as well as our life. Even they can lead us to death.

Many life-taking diseases like kidney failure, liver damage, cancer, heart diseases, etc can attack us for taking adulterated foods. Another report shows that taking adulterated foods also causes dysentery and diarrhea. It is time to stop this serious issue. Nowadays the government, as well as the general public, is very much aware of this critical problem. In order to detect and punish dishonest businessmen, the government has arranged for mobile courts. To eradicate this national problem both the government and the public should work together. This is a kind of social crime. At any cost, food adulteration needs to be removed from our society.

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Food Adulteration

Food is called human fuel. This is one of the fundamental needs of human life. To grow up and survive on the earth, every human being needs food. But, unfortunately, some dishonest businessmen are responsible to make this life-leading food into an adulterated product. Food adulteration has become nowadays a national issue. When a substance is added to any food item to increase its quantity, not quality is called food adulteration. Any kind of food item including fruits, vegetables, oil, fish, milk products, fast foods, and baby foods is being contaminated with poisonous chemicals.

The main reasons behind this food adulteration are high profit and to remain a fresh good look for a longer period. Some greedy, immoral and dishonest businessmen are behind the behind-scene in this social crime. Contaminated foods contain destructive substances such as Aldrin, DDT, formalin, Chlordane, etc. Several kinds of research there are hardly any food products from vegetables to milk, meat to fish, juice, or biscuit that are not adulterated.

Even the hotels and restaurants serve food menus that are harmful to human health. As adulterants decrease the quality of food, consuming this type of food weakens one’s health. As a result, the cost of healthcare increases. From curable to incurable, various serious disorders and diseases such as liver damage, kidney failure, cancer, heart diseases, headache, high blood pressure, dysentery, diarrhea, etc are caused by taking adulterated foods regularly. This issue has become now a great concern for both the public and the government. It is the right time to take action to eradicate this serious crime. To find out and punish dishonest businessmen, mobile courts have been set up by the government. But this is not enough.

To monitor the food producing and manufacturing, retail, and wholesale sale sections a special monitoring cell should be formed. The government, common people, mass media, and law enforcement agencies have to work together in a concerted effort to remove this issue. Food adulteration is a curse to our society. This increases the load on health. Its consequences are so pathetic that many common people are the poor victim of this crime. To save the people and to give a safe place to live to the next generation, food adulteration must be removed from society.

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