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Paragraph on Environmental Pollution 280 Word

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a major issue that the world is facing at present. Environment means everything living and non-living that surrounds as well as affects us. Living elements of the environment such as birds, animals, plants, etc are called biotic factors, and air, sunlight, water, etc are abiotic factors. These factors influence and interact with each other. But these days, there have been several harmful effects of environmental pollution on both biotic and abiotic factors. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution- these are the main environmental pollution.

The smokes of fire produced by men, mills and factories, railway engines, and vehicles cause air pollution. The insecticides and chemical fertilizers, rubbish and squander products of mills and factories contaminate the water. Also water vehicles such as launches, steamers throw garbage in the rivers and thus infect this vital element of the environment. The loud sounds of vehicle horns and the machines of mills and factories are responsible for air pollution. All this environmental pollution disturbs the natural interaction of environmental elements and hampers ecological balance.

Moreover, they have harmful impacts on human kinds, animals, and plants as well. Different types of diseases and health issues are caused by environmental pollution. Air pollution is the main cause of various respiratory diseases. Water pollution generates water-carried diseases. Sound pollution causes different hearing issues. Again different types of disasters attack our environment due to ecological imbalance. It is high time we raise awareness against environmental pollution and take necessary steps to keep the environment free of any kind of pollution. With a safe environment, we can give ourselves and the next generation a safe world to live in.

Paragraph On Environmental Pollution 370 Word

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a very familiar global issue of consultation. All the living and non-living surroundings that we live in with including air, water, soil, plants, climate, sunlight, animals, birds, plants make the environment.  These elements are interlinked with each other. Nowadays environmental pollution has harmful effects on these natural elements and causes various health and environmental issues for us.

Environmental pollution means a significant change in the biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of the environment.  In other words, when there is any harmful substance present in the elements of the environment, we call it environmental pollution. The major types of environmental pollutions are air, soil, water, and noise pollution. The main cause of air pollution is the emitted carbon dioxide gas from the motor as well as water vehicles, brickfields, and factories.

Moreover, every day the world produces millions of garbage but no suitable place to discharge it; which causes air and odor pollution. One of the integral elements of the environment is water. As a result of throwing poisonous chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, sewage, human waste, industrial waste, and food waste in the rivers, we pollute water. Noise pollution occurs when the wave of sound is very sharp and harsh to our ears. Various sound systems such as a microphone, dish TV, loudspeakers, mills and powerhouse, and different vehicles including buses, trucks, and watercraft are the main sources of noise pollution.

The release of chemicals due to agricultural, industrial, and other activities of living beings causes soil pollution. As a result of environmental pollution, the world is facing the challenges of breaking out various fatal diseases and natural disasters. As we live, breathe, drink and eat in this environment, a polluted atmosphere directly puts a bad impact on our health.

Environmental pollution is also responsible for the great threat of near-future – global warming. It may bring serious suffering for humankind in the coming days. So, we need to take the necessary steps to save our environment from being damaged. The major causes behind all these environmental pollution are illiteracy, population explosion, acute poverty, and mass unawareness. We can keep environmental pollution under control by creating more public awareness, planting more trees, and assuring proper waste management.