Paragraph On Elephant For Kid, Children, And Students

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The elephant is the tremendous animal we have ever seen. There are many things to learn about it. We can see elephants on various TV programs and geography channels. Here is a paragraph on elephant for the students that helps you learn more about these fantastic animals and write about them in the examination paper.

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Paragraph On Elephant 60 words For Kids


An elephant is the largest wild mammal in the world.  Their skin color is grey, and they have a long tank with two large ears. The Elephants usually live in groups in dense forests. They live on grass and water. It is the oldest terrestrial animal that is extinct day by day. People use them illegally to make money. The elephant is used in the industry to pull heavy timber or to entertain people in the circus. To rescue them from extinction, we should raise public awareness.

Paragraph On Elephant 100 words For Children’s


Elephants are the most vigorous and respectful animals. Their skin color is grey, and they are mammals. They have two huge ears, two long teeth, and a huge trunk. An elephant’s trunk can be up to 10 feet long, and those can use their boxes like hands. Elephants use their chests to break tree stalks. Additionally, they use their trunk to eat food and suck water. The elephants are considered very intelligent animals because they are very skilled in their work. Many people keep elephants for their own needs. To enrich biodiversity, we must protect elephants from extinction.

Paragraph on Elephant 150 words For Class 4,5,6


Elephants are the most diverse animals basically found in a considerable amount in the part of southeast Asia. They mainly like to stay in groups, and  Female elephants most often live in a family group with their calves. There are different species of elephants depending on the diversity of the place. These include African shrub elephants, African wild elephants, and Asian elephants. African elephants tend to be relatively larger than Asian elephants. 

They live, especially in dense forests. Although the elephants look like calm animals, they become very dangerous sometimes. They often come out of the forest and local locality and destroy people’s lands and crops. The Elephants are vegetarians, and they live by eating different types of plants and water. An elephant can live in the forest for about 70 years. They maintain communication between themselves through touch, sight, smell, and sound. Elephants are considered intelligent because they are self-aware.

Paragraph On Elephant 250 words For Class 7,8,9,10


The elephants are treated as the most powerful among all the animals. The scientific name of the elephant is Elephas maximus. Their skin color is grey, and they are mammals. Their round ears help to cool their body. The number of sweat glands in their body is very low. They move quietly, and They can travel long distances together. The skin of elephants is quite rough, and their bodies are covered with skin about 1 inch thick from the back to the head. But the skin thickness of the face, anus and lower part of the ear is less.

A female elephant can give birth to up to 50 years of age. Their gestation period is 22 months. Elephants are mainly herbivores, and their lifespan is 70 years in the natural atmosphere. They twist the grass from the grass with their trunks and pick it up in their mouths. They uprooted soft plants such as bananas from the soil with the help of trunks and ate the young stalks of the trees.

Elephants consume 150-160 kg of food and 40 gallons of drink per day. They do not attack humans, but if humans try to attack them, they run towards the human. People keep and raise various wild elephants. They are used to carrying a variety of heavy items from one place to another. Sometimes the game is shown in circuses with the training of elephants. In earlier times, elephants were used to fight wars in many parts of the world.

According to the Puranas, the Mahabharata mentions the use of elephants in the battle of Kurukshetra. With time evolution, different species of elephants are on the verge of extinction—extinct species of elephants such as Elephas Falconeri, Elephas hysterics, etc. To protect biodiversity, we should all protect different species of elephants from extinction.