Paragraph On Covid-19 In English

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Corona is an outbreak disease and day by day it spreads in many countries. Though according to the spreading rate, the death rate is low. So, it is high time to increase awareness about it. Here we present the coronavirus paragraph to increase knowledge about this disease among the students.

Coronavirus, also familiar as Covid-19, is an infectious illness. It is an infectious illness that is sweeping the world similar to wildfire. In this Paragraph on covid-19, you will get the information on Covid-19.

Write A Paragraph On Covid-19 In 100 Words


The coronavirus is normally referred to as Covid-19. It destroys or weakens the human respiratory system causing complexity in breathing. It is an infectious infection and can spray across the world similar to wildfire. The virus was first found in China at Wuhan. The virus was first noticed in 2019. The WHO classified Covid-19 as a worldwide pandemic affecting. The virus spreads through an infected person, sneezing, the cough, breathing, etc. As a result, the infected person has to stay isolated from everyone. The symptoms noticed in Covid-19 patients include muscle pain, sore throat, fatigue, and loss of smell and taste.

Paragraph On Covid-19 160 Words For Class Students


Corona is the name of a virus that is very dangerous and mainly attacks the respiratory system of animals and humans also. The name of the virus is Corona Virus Disease 2019 and it is mostly spread in China and Italy country. The main symptoms of this virus are fever, cough, and breathlessness. To appear symptom notice may take 2-14 days after the attack. No vaccine is discovered yet and that’s why it is termed an alarming issue. The children and old aged people are mostly attacked than the young.

Prevention is the best way before attacking this disease or identifying any vaccine or medicine. The already affected people need to maintain a quarantine or isolation situation and follow the doctors’ rules. Washing hands properly again and again, after coming home, eating properly boiled foods keeping a distance from one another, avoiding crowdies, drinking much water, eating vitamin-c, etc. Follow the rules and regulations and avoid this situation. Not make depression, only make attention and awareness.

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