Paragraph On Computer For All Class Students

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The computer is the wonder of modern science which brings the whole world in front of us. Pupils are most often asked to write a paragraph on computer in their classroom or examination. There is a lot of things to learn about it. Let’s dive deeper.

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Short Paragraph On Computer In English 150 Word


The computer is an electronic gadget that is invented to make our life easier and faster. Nowadays it becomes ubiquitous as we can’t think of our modern days without it. Charles Babbage is the inventor of the first mechanical computer. A general computer consists of a central processing unit, a monitor, a keyword, and a mouse. There are many types of computers with modern technology. Among those analog, digital and hybrid computers are prominent. Modern days computers are enriched with many features like Mainframe Computer, Super Computer, Workstation Computer, Personal Computer, Apple Macintosh, Laptop computer.

A computer is used to restore important documents and files everywhere like educational institutions, hospitals, and research centers. As today’s world is run by information and a computer can store a vast range of data in it. It works under the instruction of humans. You can gather your necessary input on the computer. It will process the data for your desired output according to your instructions. 

Long Paragraph On Computer 250 Word


The computer is the blessings of modern science and technology. We can’t omit the contribution of computers to the development of today’s life. A computer is a speedy electronic device that can process, retrieve, store and output data and information. It makes the world smaller and open to all. Today’s world can never be imagined with the help of a computer. 

The first computer is known as the Difference Engine or analytical engine that is invented by Charles Babbage in 1837. A computer is divided into 2 parts; such as Hardware and software. Psychical structures like a mouse, keyboard, CPU, and other internal parts that you can touch in known as Hardware. On the other hand, the software includes the apps and browsing system which is a set of instructions.

There are many types of computers used in the different sectors of educational institutions, banks, clinics, and research centers. You will get accurate information from a computer. You can type your documents, create a PowerPoint presentation and spreadsheet, graphics design with your computer. An advanced computer is used for programming, gaming, and data collection purpose. A person can use the internet, send mail, watch videos and browse the web by using a computer.

In modern days computers become an inevitable part of the study. The gadget is used to execute online classes and jobs, distance learning. The computer opens a wide arena of knowledge. A person can wander everywhere in the sector of knowledge. By using the internet on a computer can be a learning device for the student. Above all, it reduces the geographical barrier of the world.