A Farmer Paragraph Or The Life Of A Farmer

A farmer is the only person who is connected to cultivation, growing food for the country. He leads a very poor and marginal life. He works hard in the field to prepare the land, sow seeds, and take care of the plants till those are abandoned with bumper

Paragraph On Online Education For Students

Online education opens a new era of teaching and learning. the progression of the students of all departments accelerates via it during the climax of the pandemic. Though the very first-time online teaching methods seem an inconvenience to all, gradually the teacher and students

A School Magazine Paragraph In English For Students

In a school magazine, students can publish their different types of writings. Essay, Poetry, song, short stories, jokes, cartoons, and articles on varieties of the topic are usually published in a magazine. Many students like to submit their paintings and innovative food recipe to be published in their school

A Tea Stall Paragraph In English For Students

A Tea Stall is a meeting place of people of different classes and occupations. Here the shopkeeper serves tea with normal one bite snacks like biscuits, cakes, or bread. It is available everywhere in the

My Hobby Paragraph For Children And Students

Hobbies are activities that make a person happy. A person feels refreshed when he gets opportunities to practice his passion. Most of the time childhood hobbies help students to define his/her aim in life. They can learn to dream big through hobbies. There are many types of hobbies that can never be bound by rules

Essay On Life In English For Students

Introduction: Life is a blessing that creates the difference between the living being and inanimate objects. It gives us the golden opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this earth. We are sent here to fulfill some of our responsibility. Fulfilling all those duties is the main goal of

Write A Rainy Day Paragraph In English

A rainy day is very significant after the scorching heat of summer. It makes the weather calm and spread freshness in nature. The dust and nasty things of our surroundings get washed and the greenery is visualized