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A library is the storehouse of different types of books. It opens a vast platform for acquiring knowledge. Pupils are often asked to write about My school Library paragraph in their school days and examinations. Here is a paragraph on My School Library for them.

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My School Library

The world is an endless ocean of knowledge that is precisely collected in books. The books of different writers and categories are organized and collected in a library.  We have a profound library in our school. In my school library, all the students and teachers are allowed to read books.

The structure and decoration of my school library are very beautiful. The corner of novels, dramas, poetry, and magazines are separated. A shelf is fully occupied with the books of Rabindranath Tagore and Sharath Chandra Chattopadhyay. My favorite corner of books is the section of poems.

Besides the books of prominent Bengali famous writers, the library contains many English books by the writers of different countries. The students like to read the books of old renowned writers. It also has a special preservation room for the students who want to study their curriculum textbooks and prepares notes from reference books.

The most interesting fact about my school library is unlike many public libraries it allows us to borrow books for a particular time. But a student needs to follow some procedures to land a book from the library. Permanent members of the library are only allowed to keep the book to them with due permission of the library authority.

A school library is the most helpful place for students who can’t buy all the reference books of the curriculum. It helps all the students to acquire more knowledge from books and makes them thirstier of reading more books. Many pupils were inspired to develop a habit of reading in the library. It can shape the future dream of a human being.

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