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Mother is the sweetest word in the world. We learn to talk from our mother. And we like and love our mother very much. Every person or child should obey and respect his or her mother. Now we present my mother paragraph to help the students in the exam hall.

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My Mother Paragraph 160 Words

My Mother

Mother is like a world to everyone. And that’s also the same in my case. My mother’s name is Anowara Begum who is not well educated but she is the best teacher for me. She is a housewife and gives conscious to take care of the entire family member. My mother is a polite and kind-hearted woman. In the beginning every day she starts her day by making pray. Then she makes herself busy preparing food for every people in our family.

And pass the day long to give service to make a happy family. I always found a smile on her face in the entire hard situation. To give respect to the mother a day is fixed which is known as mother’s day. This day is celebrated every year through many programs and plans. Mother is the best friend, teacher, person and so all. She never left her child in any difficult condition. Never make misbehave with your mothers for any reason. I love my mother very much.

My Mother Paragraph 230 Words For Class 8,9,10,11,12

My Mother

Without having a mother there present nobody who is happy in life. Mother is like a key to a peaceful life. And I love my mother a lot and always try to stand beside her in all situations. Anowara Begum is the name of my mother. She is a housewife but it is better to call her a homemaker. She is 50 years old and passes her whole life to give service to our family. Every mother always tries to make her family happy.

She is the last person who never shakes hands with anything or anyone who is a danger to her child. We learn to talk from our mother. And children’s behavior and norms are coming from mothers. And she is always ready to give support to make her child the best. In my sick time or exam time, my mother gives special care to me and make prays for me.

My mother is a precious and special person to me. From morning to night she always does work for our family. She never makes any rude behavior to anyone. Gardening is the hobby of my mother. In her garden, she grows different types of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Every religion gives the mother the highest dignity of others. And I think without my mother’s support I can’t do any single work successfully. She is the best blessing for me.

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