My Hobby Paragraph For Children And Students

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Hobbies reflect the passion of a person. Students reveal their qualities wish and activities while they are asked to write a “My hobby paragraph”. Here are some paragraphs on My hobby for the students of different classes. Let’s learn more about hobbies.

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My Hobby Paragraph 150 Word For Class 5,6,7

My Hobby

Hobbies are the only way of refreshment and relaxation in a busy life. Every person has a hobby in life which pacifies their mind. I also have many hobbies in my life. Among them reading books and gardening is my favorite hobby. Gardening makes me free after a stressful day of school.  Usually, the hobby is practiced as a leisure activity.

I used to spend time in my garden in at early morning and afternoon. My mother helps me to water the plant and clean the weed. When the flower blooms my heart lifts with joy.  I also like to read books after finishing my study. My father buys different types of stories and fiction books for me. Every day I read a story before going to sleep. Hobbies help us to take a break from the monotonous life. So every person should pursue a hobby and spend a joyous time with that.

My Hobby Paragraph 250 Word For Class 8,9,10,11,12

My Hobby

Hobbies are activities that make a person happy. A person feels refreshed when he gets opportunities to practice his passion. Most of the time childhood hobbies help students to define his/her aim in life. They can learn to dream big through hobbies. There are many types of hobbies that can never be bound by rules and regulations. Generally, students like to practice reading books, writing diaries, collecting coins and stamps, gardening, cooking new recipes, singing, and making art and crafts with different things.

I also have a hobby of gardening. I plant many trees of flowers and fruits on the rooftop of my house. Every morning I spend time in my garden with my mother.  Among them, marigolds, roses of different colors, daisy are my most favorite. My mother use to help me in the garden to seed and water the plant. I also plant some vegetables like carrot, coriander, cucumber, green chili, and lemon.

I want to plant more plants in a large garden.  Trees play the most important role to prevent global warming. On the other hand, human beings and all other living beings depend on trees.  So In the future, I want to study Horticulture. I also inspire my friend to cultivate trees.

In school, we are learned to generate a productive hobby that can define our personalities. Well-nourished hobbies can lead us to achieve our goals. It gives us a fresh new start and relief from the tiredness of a hectic day.