My First Day At School Paragraph For Class Five To Ten

My first day at school is a memorable day for all. Here we are presenting my first day at school paragraph to help the students. It is a common topic and students are facing this type of paragraph in the exam. And each people have different opinions about it. So, let’s see it.

My First Day At School Paragraph 150 Word

My First Day at School

My first day at school is the most precious and memorable. The day was Sunday and I was getting ready to go to school. My father admitted me to the nearby school. On the first day, I went to school with my father. I felt very excited but also nervous. When I reached school, I saw many students playing in the front field of our school. My father took me to the headmaster’s office. Here also present some other teachers and one of them took me to the classroom.

Then my father left me and I saw a new world. After some time our class teacher came into our classroom. He was our English teacher who started greetings us. After him, came other teachers one by one to teach Bengali and math. After three classes the bell rang. My father also waited for me in the school playground. Then we come back to our sweet home.

My First Day at School Paragraph 250 Word For Students

My First Day at School

In our life, many events happen, but we do not remember them all. The first day at school is a very special and memorable day for all. Later we feel glad to share it with others. I was admitted to school at 6 years old. My father admitted me to a nearby primary school. I went every day with my elder brother because he was read in the same school.

I felt a bit nervous because it was my first time teaching from teachers with other students. But our teachers acted very fair to us, and we felt very easy to read and write. My father and elder brother encouraged me much. Every day I tried to go to school as early as possible to play on the school premises. I eagerly waited for the tiffin period to eat snacks and play the game.

Every day we attended four classes. Bangla, Mathematics, English, General knowledge, and drawings were our main subjects. Our class started at 10.00 am and ends at 2.00 pm, including the tiffin period. I have many friends both male and female within a few days. I tried to complete my home study regularly and perfectly to avoid any punishment from the teachers. By that, I passed my primary school with good results. But it is true, still, now I feel a special moment when I remember that day. I think I never forget it, I am sure, and I will share it with my grandchildren. On many other fabulous days, it was an exceptional and amazing day.