Long And Short Paragraph on Tiger For Students

Tigers are the most violent animal under the disguise of an adorable and charming look. We can see the Tiger on tv, a geography channel, also known as the bog cat. You also may have heard the ferocious Roar of the Tiger in the zoo. There are many things to know about Tiger. Here is some paragraph on Tiger for the students that helps you learn a bit more about this amazing animal.

Short Paragraph On Tiger 100 Words For Class 1,2,3,4


The Tiger is the most ferocious animal that lives in the dark forest. Its whole body covers with the skin of thick yellow and black stripes surface. The Tiger is a carnivorous animal that prays the little animals of the forest to eat them. It is famous among animals because of its immense stamina and incredible speed. A mature tiger of 4 years can be 6 to 10 feet long and near 660 pounds in weight. The royal Bengal tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh that is found only in the Sundarban. We often see the Tiger in the zoo.

Paragraph On Tiger 150 Words For Students


The Tiger is the most dangerous and carnivore mammal in the forest. It has very soft skin with black stripes on a yellow surface. The average life span of the Tiger is 15 years. He is a very cunning hunter and an excellent swimmer. They are mainly nocturnal and usually pray the little animals like rabbits, wild deer, and boar. The female Tiger is known as a tigress, and the young Tiger is called Cub. 

Though the Tiger belongs to the family of cats and Panthera’s genus, it has many subspecies like The Royal Bengal Tiger, Siberian Tiger, and South China Tiger, etc. They are unique and different from one another for their qualities and nature. Paw marks, pellets, IR cameras are the way of counting the tiger population. Nowadays, the tigers are subjected to rapid extinction. There are many countries like India, Bangladesh that prohibited the hunting of the Tiger.

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Paragraph on Tiger 250 Words For Class 6 to 12


The Tiger is the most Endangered species of the forest that is essential for biodiversity. The scientific name of the Tiger is Panthera tigris. It is famous for its dark vertical stripes with orange-brown fur. The Tiger is the symbol of the combination of magnificence, power, and beauty at the same time. Its way of hunting is unique. It prays the reindeer, cows, goats, and wild cows. It does not harm human beings unless they are disturbed by a human. As the forests are getting abolished, sometimes the Tiger came to the locality searching for food in the absence of a man. 

They like to stay unitedly in their created territory, and a tigress gives birth to 2 to 3 cubs at a time. Because of deforestation, the procreation of the Tiger is decreasing day by day. Tigers are the royal animal in Bangladesh, India, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Bhutan. Many Asian countries show significant honor to the Tiger for its incredible strength and power.

 Based on places, there are some differences in the natures of the Tiger. The Siberian tigers live in colder areas, but the Royal Bengal tigers live in the mangrove forest swimming. The extinction of the Tiger may bring severe destruction to the ecosystem. Though killing the Tiger is illegal, some mischievous hunter kills the Tiger for its skin bones teeth, nails, and other body parts. In order to protect the Tiger from extinction, the Government of India launched “Project Tiger” in 1973. We need to be more careful of the conservation of the Tiger.