Long And Short Paragraph On Sports 150, 250 Words

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Sports play the most important role to regulate body functionalities. A sportsman leads a healthy and systematic life. Students of different classes are often asked to write about the sports in the examination. Let read some short and long Paragraph on sports for students.

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Shorts Paragraph On Sports 150 Words


Sports is inevitable to have sound health and active life. The children who love sports seem very spontaneous in their regular activities. Sports have many health benefits not only for children but also for adults. There are many types of sports like cycling, running, Weight lifting, and so on. These are the most common sports that people often follow in their daily life.

Sports bring blessings for those children who take sports very cordially from the very childhood. There are many games that one can play like basketball, cricket, football, table tennis, tennis, hockey. Some of them require extreme physical strength and increase the metabolism of the body. Olympic and commonwealth organize worldwide international sports competitions of sports to encourage and spread the goodness of sports. A man who likes to explore new things can also try unique types of sports like Scuba Diving, Coral Reef explorations, or mountaineering.

Paragraph On Sports 250 Words


Sports engage physical movements that help to reduce stress and anxiety. Sports are very familiar to the school students.  Different types of sports are included in their extracurricular activities. Moreover, it can make them relieved from boring classes. It increases the immunity and strength of the body. Some people prefer sports rather than hard physical exercise. It entertains you besides all other health benefits.

Among the two types of sports activities outdoors are more famous. There are many types of outdoor sports like table tennis, tennis, hockey basketball, cricket, and football. All these are commonly played by young people. Indoor games like chess, ludo, or board games help to engage the mind.  The adults mostly like indoor board games such as scrabble, chess Chinese checker, UNO, and other card games. It helps to make children engage and adults to pass leisure.

Many schools going students practice particular sports to excel in that game. It will prepare them to take part in national and international gaming events. The adventurous people like mountaineering, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Diving. Besides relaxation, these sort of sports helps to get rid of obesity. In America and Japan, Baseball is played wholeheartedly where Asian countries celebrate cricket as the most famous game. The person who enjoys sports remains far away from depression and anxiety. Sometimes doctor suggests practicing some indoor and outdoor games to increase the sharpness of the mind with the body. Chess is such a game that makes people practice mindfulness.