Long And Short Paragraph On Lion 100, 150, 250 Words

Shorts Paragraph on lion picture

The mighty animal lion is the king of the animal world. We see lions at zoos and on various circus grounds. But there are many things to learn about this unique animal. Students may be asked to write about the lion in the test. Here is some long and short paragraph on lion for them. Let’s learn more about lions.

Shorts Paragraph On Lion 100 Words For Kid And Children


The lion is one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. Lions usually have more strong muscles. Their heads are round and furry. Their fur is grayish-yellow in color, and their body is brown. Lions are carnivores and very protective animals. Due to its high hunting ability and keen intelligence, the lion is considered to be the king of the forest. Lions live in dense forests. They can also be seen at various zoos and circus grounds. Lions are currently on the verge of extinction due to a lack of adequate protection. We should all save this diverse and powerful animal kingdom from extinction.

Paragraph On Lion 150 Words For Class 5,6,7 Students


The lion is the king of the forest. It is the mighty aristocratic and ferocious animal. It is a four-legged animal, and the tails of a lion are black and hairy. There are about ten species and approximately 20,000 to 30,000 lions in the world. India is profound with the lions, and the country hosts more than 650 of the total amount of lions. The lions like to prey on other little animals in the forest. Living in dense forests, these ferocious lions hunt and eat various animals of the forest.

Sometimes, due to lack of adequate food, they enter the locality near the forest and prey on human cattle. With the evolution of time, different species of lions are on the verge of extinction. The lion is one of the animals that preserves the diversity and beauty of the living world. So, we should protect these animals from extinction.

Paragraph on Lion 250 Words For Class 8,9,10,11,12, JSC, SSC, HSC


The lion is the most powerful invading animal on earth. The name of the lion is derived from the Latin ‘Leo’ and the ancient Greek ‘Leon’. They have four legs with strong muscles and a black furry tail. Surprisingly, lionesses don’t have fur on their head they look very ordinary. Their skin color is brown, and their fur is gray-yellow. The roar of a matured lion can be heard from about eight kilometers far.

The lion used to prey the innocent animals and eat them in a large group. Due to his high hunting ability and keen intelligence, the lion is considered to be the swiftest and ferocious animal in the forest. Lions live in groups in various caves in dense forests. A female lion can give birth to an average of two to three children at a time. Baby lions are called cubs. The cubs used to live with their mother until they become mature enough to prey on their own.

One of the largest species of lions is the South African lion. Through different types of television channels, we get ideas about the behavior of lions. The average lifespan of lions depends largely on their habitat. In dense forests, a lion can live up to 14 years, and in a zoo, a single lion can live up to 20 years. But at present, due to lack of adequate protection and constant deforestation, these exotic animals are on the verge of extinction. So, the government should take necessary measures to save all these lions from extinction.