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short Paragraph on Internet 150 word

The internet is a very common term. For making digitalization everyone needs access power of the internet. Here, we present the paragraph on internet. Hopefully, it may act as a helping hand for the student. They can learn about the advantage and disadvantage of internet. It will make a good sense of the right way of internet use. Stay with us and read attentively the paragraph on internet.

Paragraph on Internet (150 words)


Interconnection among various devices like computer, mobile or other devices so that information can supply is called ‘Internet ‘. It is the greatest invention of science. Through it, we transfer information from one place to another. Communication, transportation, entertainment, exchanging information, learning, etc. are easier than before. Official work can do more rapidly. Banking, shopping, learning, paying a bill, e-commerce are getting more digital by the blessing of the internet. Our lives are now more convenient and our world becomes smaller which is called ‘Global Village ‘.Everything has both sides advantage and disadvantages. The Internet also has. For the addiction toward the internet, we pass much valuable time as a wastage. Which is very harmful to physical and mental health. Cyber-crime is increasing nowadays. Teenagers are addicted to pornography. So, we should teach our children about the pros and cons very clearly. So that they can avoid the wrong way of the internet.

Paragraph on Internet (230 words)


Internet’ is the greatest blessing of science. By providing the amazing facility of searching information you can connect with other corners from one corner. Send a message, information very quickly within a second through a laptop, mobile, PC, computer, pump-top or other devices. You can get information about domestic, business, academic, governmental, etc. from its vast storage. Sending mail, massaging, transferring a file, online chat, accessing the world wide web is the update version of communication. The Internet removes the barrier from our life. Now we can pay the bill, banking, shopping, e-commerce, give an order for anything, get digital education, online application, etc. through the internet. Which work needs a huge time now we do it within a very short time. In offices, schools, shops, railway stations, airports, hotels, mills, banks everywhere we can save our time. Day by day internet speed is getting more. As a result, our facilities are also increasing. What not possible through the internet? Audio, video, picture everything you get from the internet. Researchers or scientists are working hard to updating internet speed.The Internet gives us rapidity but takes feelings from us. Now we are busy on social media. We are connected socially with one another but not mentally. The Internet is responsible for the unemployment problem. Teenagers are passing time through the internet. Crime, terrorism, pornography, etc. are increasing gradually. We should take proper steps to stop this. We need to teach our child about bad things of the internet from begging.

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