Long And Short Paragraph On Happiness 150, 250 Words

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Happiness is a heavenly feeling that emerges from inner peace of mind. It is not a mare term rather it depicts the fulfillment of one’s industry and success. Many people define happiness in different ways. There is some long and short paragraph on happiness that students are often asked wright on the examination paper.  Let’s learn more about happiness.

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Short Paragraph On Happiness 150 Word For Children


Happiness is an unexplainable feeling that is expressed by a smile or facial expression. Happiness is the ultimate stage of psychological peace. 

It is the symbol of success and progressive life. When a person is in a state of love and consolation, the feelings are revealed by happiness. Many psychologists and religious priests try to define happiness for years. But nobody can come to a universal narrative definition of it. Happiness varies from person to person and sometimes it doesn’t last long.

Many of us find happiness in our passion, hobby, or leisure activities. It also depends on the family and financial condition of a person. Wealthy people find happiness in worldly objects whereas the poor want to be happy with solvency. Happiness also comes while a long-cherished dream is fulfilled. The best practice of happiness is eternal happiness that never comes to an end. It derives from the selfless practice of kindness, charity, and care.

Paragraph On Happiness 250 Word For All Class


Happiness is a natural and heavenly feeling of satisfaction. A person feels happy when his wish comes true. It is the blessings of God for which a person craves for his lifelong. People define happiness in their own ways. Some try to be happy with their regular duty whereas some find happiness in doing something new. It is a relative term that depends on the circumstances of the beholder. Human life is full of adversity and everybody needs to fight with obstacles always. In chaotic life, only peace can bring some happiness.

People who practice loyalty, punctuality, and dedication to their duty try to be happy in the fulfillment of their responsibilities. A money-oriented person searches for happiness in luxury and earthly pleasure. At the same time, a cultivator or a passionate gardener becomes happy when they see blooming flowers and harvest in their field. It proves that happiness is not associated with money. It comes from the satisfaction of the heart.

Some people pretend to be happy in front of others while they are fighting a lot of problems. To a young fellow, happiness means spending time with friends while an old wants to stay in the shade of family. Happiness is bliss that spread when it is shared with others. It is such a treasure that makes envious people jealous.  Happiness has a strong power to make people lead a jolly and active life. A happy man can lead a prosperous life and can manage every situation easily with a smile.

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