Long And Short Paragraph on Friendship For All

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Friendship is the sweetest word in the world. It has vast importance in our life. To make our life happy with joy, friends are playing an important role. Now we are presenting a paragraph on friendship for the students. They may face that type of paragraph in the exam. So, let’s start it.

Write A Paragraph Friendship 100 Word


Friend or friendship is a very famous word. From our childhood to old age we need support from our friends. We can express ourselves before our friends. And real friends give us the best support in our sorrow or happiness. We can share any tuff condition with our friends, and they try to find the best solution. But all our friends are not well-wishers for us. Some are not like one’s success. So, before making a friendship must know his mind. He can build any damage in the future. Need respect and responsibility to it. It is not so easy to run long a good friendship.

Paragraph About Friendship 160 Word


The sweetest and wonderful word is friendship. Everyone has friends according to their nature or understanding. Friend means not only a classmate or same-age friends. It may make between different ages people. It depends on their thinking. But a good friendship is like worth. If you have good support from your friends or friend circle, you can win any hard works with success. They encourage your brave and confidence, that you can do it. And they make a floor, where you can express yourself.

From our family, we learn the basic theme of life, but we teach how to decorate our life from the friends. We take many well and valuable things from our friends. On the other side, some fall into the trap or destroy it due to their friends. All friends are not good friends. Before starting a friendship check again his mentality, behavior, lifestyle, etc. Your friends’ lifestyle keeps affecting your lifestyle. So, keep alert about it.

Paragraph On Friendship 260 Word


The proverb says, “A friend in need is a friend indeed“. Friendship is the best relationship, and it plays a great role in our life. One’s lifestyle may change for a good friendship. Good friends never leave your side in any situation. He always gives support and a good idea. Without a friend you just pass a boring and meaningless life. Everyone needs a friend to share thoughts and ideas, though they are of different ages. Age is not a mandatory factor to make a good friendship. It depends on understanding, mentality, thoughts, etc. Friendship definition depends on you, how you can treat that term. It may about caring, food sharing, traveling, supporting each other, etc. Some friendships may run very silently or smoothly, but very strong, it needs not always expressing your feelings loudly.

Friendship is the most significant and valuable worth in the world. A good and real friendship depends on trust, faithfulness, support, etc. We learn many unique ideas from a good friend. In every situation, we get push-up and confidence from our friends. It is like a divine relationship. So, keep care and nourishment to the friendship. It is too much tough to continue a good friendship than build it. If you fail to take trust, you lose your friendship. So, make your friendship with anyone, who can feel you from the soul. Don’t choose the wrong one. He may destroy your life. A good friendship makes your life a bed of roses, and a wrong friendship makes your life hale. Never waste your lifetime behind garbage. So, find your real partner as a good friend and make a long run friendship.