Introduction To Special Children School

Special children school photo

Special children education is for some type of students with special educational requirements, whether due to physical, sensory, intellectual giftedness or psychic, disabilities. This kind of education contains every action paying attention to compensating these requirements. Special children school is a modality of the educational method that builds up its action in a transversal way in the different educational levels.

In special education, establishments and regular education establishments both are providing a set of services, human resources, technical resources, specialized knowledge, and assistance.  This is with the purpose of ensuring, according to current regulations, quality learning for children, youth, and adults who have greater needs for support. So that they access, contribute and progress in the curriculum National on equal terms and opportunities.

Special Children School Offers

  • Follow ordinary training with curricular adaptation if suitable.
  • Assistance resources
  • Rehabilitation teams, Aid and technical adaptations.
  • Alternative pedagogies for degrees of severe disability
  • Support in the pace of learning as much as possible.
  • Assistance support for certain hours
  • A broad environment and mutual enrichment

Although there is a leaning and should be directed towards inclusive school, first the welfare and needs of the student must be prioritized. The teaching has captured the new legitimate reform in education currently that is being discussed in the Legislative Power and teaching the subject. There is one point that has to do with the beneficiaries of the system, with the students, and within this universe. Special children school is about understanding what they mean and what the concepts of addition and special education that the new 2019 model will involve.

Special children school is a model of education with schools and its own curriculum that only provides services to children. Educational inclusion is to use the same schools to study students with and without disabilities in spaces. There is no minimum age for permanent Disability students for admission in Special schools. It will depend on the feature and support requirements defined by the diagnosis, and the educational proposal of the school.