How Does Plastic Harm The Environment?

How does Plastic Harm the Environment way img

Plastic is a compound particle. It may take hundreds or thousands of years to break down. It causes a much dangerous effect on the environment and human life. Plastic causes environment pollution. It is the main concern now for environment specialists. It may make our environment unhealthy for us.

Plastic contains toxic substances. Which causes land, air, water to cause environmental pollution. It is cheap. So, in the maximum sector, we use plastic. In a developed country they do not allow plastic products like Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, there are not any proper recycling ways of plastic garbage.

What Are The Ways Of Plastic Harms?

Every day or everyone, we are going to dangerous earth. Because our Earth’s climate is changing every time. Plastic is also responsible equally for this. Here we present some situations of plastic harmful effects.

We can see our climate is changing. Now we are not getting enough rainwater. All seasonal appearance is not like before. As a result, our immunity strength is decreasing now.

Plastic is not digestible. So, when animals are taking food they take plastic also. It creates an irritating situation for animals. It may cause diseases and sometimes death also.

In Bangladesh, the drainage system is very poor. So, in the rainy season streets are flooding with dirty water. As a result of the flood, diarrhea is spread out like an epidemic. This blockage drainage system plastic is the main culprit. Because people give out plastic products on the streets or drain as nature.

Winds are blown away plastic garbage. Mix with sea or river water it pollutes water. Not only water is stuck on land. For this, the cultivation of products is hampered.

Plastic makes many harmful diseases also. All kinds of plastic containers are not safe. It causes cancer too. So, for food needs to a sure food-grade plastic container.


So, plastic causes a much harmful effect on the environment. We should raise awareness about it. And to find its alternative ways too.