Free Distance Learning Universities In Europe

12 Free Distance Learning Universities In Europe

With the blessing of globalization, we can take our degrees or higher studies from home. Thus, we save time and labor. Distance learning is a method by which we can get our studies by sitting in our homes. Many developed countries are offering this chance for the students. Every year many students are waiting to get a chance for free distance learning universities in Europe.

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How Many Free Distance Learning Universities In Europe?

Many renowned universities are present in Europe. Standard level education and research are offered from these universities. Students are eagerly waiting for getting a chance. All of the students are not able to go abroad for taking higher studies.

Different types of degrees like Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. levels, and other types of degrees are offered. You can choose your option from here and get ready. Classes are going on the internet. The main facility in distance learning is, it is a short course and can take from anywhere in the world.

Before starting your course you have to admit to these universities by following their instructions. Some universities are taking the course fee for it. Here we present some European universities’ names. From where you can get your desired degree. They are-

  • Nottingham Trent University Online (United Kingdom)-For Fashion management and MBA course.
  • Utrecht University – For clinical, Epidemiology, Veterinary Masters and Ph.D.
  • Wismar University – For Lighting Design
  • EMAS Business School( Russia)
  • University of Birmingham Online (UK)-
  • The Open University (UK)-Business Administration, Natural Science, Mathematics.
  • Online Business School (Spain) -Marketing, Project Management, Business Administration, Finance.
  • University of Essex Online (UK)-For Business, Law, Health, Psychology, Criminology.
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands) -For Agriculture, Forestry.
  • Aston University (UK)
  • GDANSK College of Health- For medical science, cosmetology.
  • United Campus of MALTA-For Criminology.

Think that you get a thumb concept for choosing your university. By considering the pros and cons you can choose one from many free distance learning universities in Europe.